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Fashion-Flash-logoThis week,  Kari  of  Fab Over 40  is  hosting Fashion Flash! Kari is one of the most active beauty bloggers and her almost daily posts are packed with  up to date beauty, fashion and health information. There are no fillers or guest posts from brands, but original  and thoughtful articles  on a topics we care about. I’m so proud to be blogging with  her!

Fashion FLash Book Review-- Younger next YearFashion Flash Book Review:  Younger Next Year– for Women

The title of the book was  so empowering, I could not wait to crack it open and get started.  It was the  follow-up book to the hugely popular ” Younger Next Year”  that was aimed at men and endorsed by Dr Oz, New York Times and the Washington Post.  With this type of heavy weight support, it had to be fabulous.

But from the first pages I was disappointed.  Its  main ( and singular) advice was the benefits of gut busting, sweat drenched  exercise.  Rather than advising  to go slow, warm -up or providing genuine  advice , it  keeps  pushing the reader  not to be afraid of going beyond their limits.

There are two authors, both men.  One is  forty smething internist and the other is an older lawyer/businessman.  They have basically written a 300 page  pep talk   promoting exercise.  There  is  little information  on health issues, skin care,or stress reduction, all essential   factors  for longevity.  On diet,  the authors  sum up their nutritional advice   as “Don’t eat crap. And don’t eat too much.

There is very little  information that deal with issues that are unique to women.  For example when   the book addresses   menopause, Dr  Lodge states that  menopause does not cause weight gain.   That’s simply not true. The hormonal firestorm that is menopause radically changes  a woman’s metabolism that leads to  rapid weight gain. For  safe and effective health and exercise advice, that are focused on  the needs of women, I suggest  you Pass on Younger Next Year and visit two of our blogs- Moving Free With Mirabai and Society Wellness. In these two sites  up will find factual practical informtion for women of any age.


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    • I am so glad that you validate my take on the book. I will be reviewing three excellent books,all by bloggers in the next month. They are worth your time.

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