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Fashion-Flash-logoThis week, Cindy of Prime Beauty is  hosting Fashion Flash!  There  is certainly  no shortage of beauty bloggers and each year  they seem to be getting younger and  younger.  I’m no longer startled when a well known blogger turns out to be working out of her dorm room. Cindy  is on  many best beauty blogs list and I have learned to  trust  her experience and judgement.  If you  follow  Prime Beauty  you know what I mean.  If  she  is new  to you , you’re in for a treat.

 Fashion Flash Book Review: 200 Tips, Techiques and Natural Recipes for natural beautyFashion Flash Book Review:  200 Tips, Techniques and Natural Recipes for Natural Beauty by Shannon Buck

I get weekly questions  about DIY skin and hair products and I’ve uploaded a few demos on Youtube. I limited my suggestions to  simple homemade  masks  or fortifying  existing commercial products.  I’ve stayed away from the real thing– cooking up original cleansers and moisturizers..  it seemed  extremely technical and a bit  overwhelming.  200 Tips and Techniques and Natural Remedies finally gave me the tools and confidence to create  a complete line of  products in my kitchen.Written by Shannon Buck, the founder of the  well known  site, Fresh Picked Beauty, this beautifully designed book is the best guide to DIY beauty care products I’ve ever seen– and I’ve seen  many.

The book begins by offering detailed charts on natural oils, clays, emulsifiers and herbs.  Ms Buck not only evaluates their impact on the skin and hair, she explains how to  make  oil  or water  based herbal infusions.  Amazingly easy!

The book clearly explains what equipment is needed and illustrates  exactly how to use them in cosmetic production. Many of the tools like measuring spoons, graters, a cutting board were already in my kitchen.  The other items were easily found in the cooking  section of my  local  store.

I finally got over my fear of melting waxes and  using thermometers and  produced  my first totally home made rosemary cleanser.  It smelled delicious and left my skin  fresh and  clean.There are recipes for both water and oil based moisturizers,  and a tea tree oil lotion for oily skin that has to be seen to be believed. I rarely find an eye care product that I  like, but the  basic eye cream with lecithin and  shea  oil is now an essential in my skin care routinue.

While the  equipment  is easy to find, you will need special sources for items like  beeswax and bentonite clay and marshmellow root.  Not to  worry. Buck   has  provided   a wide range of suppliers including  online sources for  herbs, waxes, clays, carrier oils,  labels,  and bottles. This beautiful and useful book is my  holiday gift  for 2014.


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