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Fashion-Flash-logoThis week Josephine of Chic At Any Age  is hosting Fashion Flash!  These days whenever I have a style question, I first   look for answers  on Chic At Any Age.  In her archives I  can find the answer to almost any  style questions from what to wear to a concert in the fall to  best  looks for weddings. Following her  beautiful and affordable advice, I feel confident and pretty.


Fashion Flash Book review: Style StalkingFashion Flash Book Review:  Style Stalking by  Barberich and Gelardi

Style Stalking is the second book in my series of fabulous lifestyle books by equally fabulous bloggers.  It was created by the founders of the uber popular site Refinery 29. The organization of Style Stalking is as original and compelling as the fashion its offers.  Rather than  the usual style advice offered in the usual way, the chapter titles include Brights, Layering, Denim and Metallics.  Each chapter  has six sections including ” basic training”,  “seasonal” and “style moves”. This  provides helpful structure to the dynamic  fashion that  pushes the style envelope.

The book opens with a bang with a chapter called Brights. Great text provides  compelling commentary to the street fashion photos.  I was fascinated how pink can be used as a  neutral in a lace skirt, hot pink sneakers, or a voluminous overcoat. The chapter on layering clearly illustrates how an all white outfit looks much more interesting when layered.  Apparently the key to layering without causing bulk is to vary the length of each item. In summer the secret to comfortable layering is to wear wide cropped pants and breathable fabrics like linen and chambrey.

The seasonal section in my favorite in every chapter.  Most  fashionistas seem to ignore climate in their idea inspirations.  IMO it  doesn’t  matter if styling is flattering and fabulous– if I freeze in witer or roast in summer, these looks are non-starters.  Style Stalking adapts each  look to the season  that takes this book to an altogether new level.

Most of the photos are not fashion shoots, but real women captured on the streets of NYC.  They look wonderful and  I  tried to see how I could  pick-up some ideas that I  could adapt to  my own life.  However I found that in photo after photo I didn’t  own any of the  featured  coats, bags, and sweaters. By contrast flipping through the styling in other fashion books I can always find new ways to wear  what i already have in my closet.   My takeaway–  I need to step out of my comfort zone.  And  isn’t this just what a good  book should do!

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