Curly Hair– The No-Nonsense Guide

Curly HairCurly hair is  foreign territory to me.   I have straight hair that won’t take a curl if  its life depended on it.   I’ve learned which products and styles delivered  for me and I felt pretty confident about my hair management skills.  Then I was gifted with a granddaughter whose curls rivaled Shirley Temple.

My usual  shampoos and brushes  did not  work for Sophie.   She did not like the sensation of barettes and  elastic  bands and we struggled just to keep those gorgeous curls out of her eyes. At Cosmoprof this summer in Las Vegas,  I met the staff of Miss Jessie, a well known  hair line of products for curly hair .  While it is primarily  designed for ethnic hair, the basic  issues and principles for  curly hair apply to all nationalities. Step by  step,  they walked me through   instructions for curly top hair  management.  It was sobering  to realize  I had been  doing it everything wrong. I would comb through after a shampoo and then blow dry with a hand held dryer.  It left her with  big hair that would rival a Texas beauty pageant  contestant.

Miss Jessie experts recommended using  three products– a  mild hydrating shampoo,  a curl serum and   a “wet brush” .   I learned that the goal was to get separation of curls, rather than to  straighten  things out.

The Curly Girl   Shampoo Workout

1.  Wet the hair throughly

2. Use a natural, hydrating  shampoo hair. They usually  have little or no sulfites  which can dry out the hair and increase frizziness. I used Hot Tot shampoo, an all natural product designed  to meet  the needs  of  children’s hair. (And while  I usually ignore fragrance in a product,  Hot Tot products  smell like Cabbage Patch dolls and  I love it).

3. Rinse out throughly, but don’t  comb through.

4. Work in a serum for curly hair.  I used  Hot Tot Sweet Pea Curl Serum. 

5. Comb through  with a wet brush which is a round  rubber device  with  rubber tips

6. Blot hair with thick towel, but don’ rub.

7. Allow the hair to air dry, squeezing it with  your hands in an upward motion to tighten the curls.

curly hair after treatmentAren’t the final results wonderful?  Sophie’s hair  hung in perfectly separated curls.  And best of all, they stayed out of her eyes without  barettes and bands.

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