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Fashion-Flash-logoThis week Jackie of Aging Backwards is hosting Fashion Flash.  When I first meet Jackie and found out her true age  my  first reaction was– I’ll  have what she’s having.  Jackie generously shares her health and beauty expertise on her site Aging Backwards.  Her advice is always  accurate and original.  If you care about  how you look and how you feel,  subscribe to Aging Backwards.

Fashion Flash Book review:  Glow by Christina Pirello

Fashion FLash Book Review: GlowGlow is a unique beauty book that offers a fascinating description of the  impact of chinese medicine on  skin, hair and nails.   In addition, it offers over 100  original recipes that deonstrate how to   put theory into practice.  Because the author  links the  basic  principles  to  actual examples it was the first time I was  astually  able to  understand the philosophy  behind chinese medicine and  how I could integrate these ideas into routinue  health  care.

The foundation of the school of medicine  is the balance of opposing energies.  Called yin and yang, a healthy balance   will keep you young  and fit.  Imbalance triggers beauty problems like dandruff, dark under eye circles, and brittle nails.   Glow  is very detailed and specific  on solutions.  For examples, dark skin around the eyes can be caused  by eating too much dry salty foods, while reddish eye lids are linked  to  excessive intake of sugar and medications.

Glow details how to balance the five tastes eg sweet, salty, bitter and then provides recipes and menus to  make it happen. The optimum diet in Glow is pretty severe– no red meat, no dairy, no eggs, no poultry, no refined sugar and no refined flour.  Her meal plan is  definate a big change from the  standard  western  diet.  Breakfast is miso soup with a side of sauteed greens; lunch is a dish of grilled tofu and grilled vegetables; dinner is the big meal with soup, grains,   roast veegetables and fruit.

The recipes  often call for unusual ingredients including Kombu, daikon, kuzu,  wakame and brown rice syrup. I tried out  a pasta with roasted vegetables  that was  a blend of  the author’s own italian  heritage  and chinese health principles.  It   was a wonderful combination of olive oil, soy sauce, kale, and black olives over   traditional penne.  The vegetables are roasted with seasonings,  pureed, poured over  pasta  and  topped with chopped  kale and olives. Perfect.

My favorite recipes were the low-fat dairy and egg free desserts.  Using ingredients like whole  wheat flour, soy milk, and brown rice syrup, Glow  provides  more than 15  sweets that are perfectly balanced for beautiful skin and hair. Its  a well thought out  book on a difficult subject and definately a keeper.

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