The No-Nonsense Holiday Guide, Part I

holiday giftsWhen it comes to gifts, I don’t think its the thought that matters.  Most of the people I know have enough scarves, scented candles and picture frames to last a lifetime, and this type of generic gift does not  really show  how much I value their friendship.   I treasure gifts that  show thought and an awareness of  who I am.  For example, one of my all time favorite gifts was a tray of homemade moussaka.  We were all in grad  school in New Haven and both  money and time were in short supply.  Like me, Sheila  was a very young working  mom juggling a job, an old house and  limited daycare. When I realized that she had taken the time  to cook  this complicated dish, I burst into tears.   I loved  moussaka and she remembered how much I had enjoyed  it when we ate  out together at a local restaurant.   Its been more than 30 years… and I have  both the memory and the friendship.

This year, rather posting  a  list of  general wish list , I  will share my own personal holiday guide.   It gives me such a rush to find the gift that simply says– “I get you my friend”.   I make notes throughout the year  about tastes and interests  and keep my budget at less than $50/gift  to avoid  bankrupting myself .   And while  any gift needs to reflect their interests, I  don’t give presents that  offend my beliefs.  In other words, you won’t  find fur ear muffs or e-cigarettes on my holiday list.

My “Other” Holiday Gift Guide

I also have  a rather large list of gifts for the wonderful support staff  that work with my husband in his research and practice.   In this case I shop at craft shows to support local artisans.   Each year  I find amazing handmade soaps,  original jewelry and unique hand  thrown pottery.  These are some of my favorite gifts and I can’t resist buying extras for myself. On Friday  I will  share   my personal gift list  and  photos of the artisan finds next week.

One thought on “The No-Nonsense Holiday Guide, Part I

  1. I can’t wait to read your personal gift list, Deb. I had a great gift buying experience this past weekend in the Hudson Valley with Caryl. We were there for Sinterklaas, the Dutch Christmas tradition, that is all about gift giving. I found a Russian trinket box and a pre-owned mink coat (!) in a vintage shop, soft on the wallet and perfect for my daughter as we prepare to spend our Christmas in St. Petersburg – not Florida, but Russia! Brr!

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