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Fashion-Flash-logoThis week Pam of Over 50, Feeling 40 is hosting  Fashion Flash. If there were more  fashion  writers like Pam, we would all be better dressed.  She  not only has a keen  eye, as a   journalist  she  shares her insights with charm and skill.  I also share  her love for thrifting and she is living proof that it doesn’t take designer  clothes and big budgets to look fabulous 365 days a year.

Fashion FLash Book ReviewFashion Flash Book Review: Colour Me Slimmer

No, its not a type.  I picked up Colour Me Slimmer in an Oxfam  shop  near Camden Passage in London.   There is hardly a women from my era that doesn’t know about  the Color Me Beautiful approach to style and make-up.  Colour Me Slimmer, published in the UK takes  the concept a step further to use  color to enhance shape.

Its such a pleasure to read a fashion guide with beautiful models with real world bodies.  It divides  our shapes into five different types– petite, tall, curvy, straight, and large scale. I love the way  Colour Me Slimmer drills down into the details that matter.  For example:

* A full calf  can look unbalanced with a  stiletto heel– a  mid heel or wedge is more flattering

* Women with curves can struggle with a stiff scarf while a softer chiffon scarf  will work so much better

* Bigger  sunglass frames make a full face  look slimmer

* When you are petite, the maximum number of colors you should put together is two.

My favorite chapter is  series of  styles for  real life  situations  including formal office, casual office, yummy mummy days,sports and glamour.  What is especially  striking is the use of color.  But when I took the book  shopping, colorful clothes were nowhere to be found and almost everything was in black  or grey. I was so frustrated that I went home and signed up for a sewing course.  Say it with me “I’m tired of wearing black and I am not going to take it anymore”


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