No Nonsense Fashion: Recycle with H &M

No-Nonsense Fashion-- Recycle with H&MAlthough I would honestly admit to being  a shopaholic, the chaos  and excess of holiday shopping overwhelms me.   Not only is there  just so much stuff  out there, I  can’t forget that it  winds up in  ever growing  dump sites. When I saw the bins for the H& M recycling program, a light went on in my brain.

No-Nonsense  Recycling

The concept is so  simple and just about perfect.   You bring in  unwanted clothing into H&M which will send in on to to a processing plant.  Those items that can be reworn  will be sold as second hand  goods.  The rest will be recycled into textiles for new  clothing or industrial  use such as auto insulating or cleaning rags.  This not only declutters  your drawers and closets, it protects the planet.  Consider that:

*Production of a single tee shirt uses up 700 gallons of water. ( No, that number is not a typo)

* The manufacture of the same tee  creates  more than 3kg of CO2. ( The textile and apparel  industry produces more than 2.1 million tons of coal annually)

* Synthetic fibers atake t least 200 years to bio-degrade.Seriously.

Participating in  H& M Recycling

You can bring up to two bags  of clothing a day for H& M.  As a little thank you, they will give you a 15% off coupon /bag to use on a single item.  You can bring in  those stained tee shorts,  the jackets with missing buttons and the  jeans with broken zippers which are too messed up to  go to a thrift shop.  All  clothing  can be recycled in some way  so that it will have a positive environmental impact. Revenue from this program is donated to  local charities or other recycling rojects

I took two  bags to H&M  this week that included  the sweaters that  the dry cleaners shrunk, the thrift  store  shirt which  had  stains I did not see until I got home and the cocktail dress bought  hoping for a major weight loss. It  felt wonderful– a great antidote to the  out of control  holiday consumerism.

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