Can Cornflower Soothe my Sensitive Skin?

CornflowerQuestion:  I have sensitive skin.  This holiday, a friend gave me  some products with cornflower, saying it was  helpful for my skin problems. I am so touched by her gift, but I am frankly scared to try anything new.  Should I go ahead  and  use  them?

Answer:  While I  don’t  know  which products were in your gift basket, I can tell you there is good science behind  cornflower  skin care benefits.  A common wildflower in Europe, cornflower is known to have strong  anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties.  These blue beauties are packed with Vitamin C, biotin, folic acid and mineral salts.  But wait, there’s more.  Cornflowers contain  anthrocyanins and flavinoids, two super powerful antioxidants.

Cornflower teas and extracts have been used successfully to care for skin ulcers, nail infections, eczema and dandruff.  It is especially  gentle around the eyes, easing tired, itchy and puffy eye areas.  Klorane makes a popular line of eye makeup remover products which are powered by  cornflowers.

However just because a product says  it contains cornflowers does not mean    its the right  product for you.   IMO  a great way to get  the most out of cornflower’s impressive skin care benefits is to make them yourself.  This is especially true   when you   have twitchy, sensitive skin.  You can buy four ounces of dried cornflowers from Etsy  for less than $10, enough for more than four treatments.  Soak them in water  for 20 minutes , then strain off solids.  You can use this liquid to make the most soothing oatmeal mask in beauty history.   The pale blue liquid can also be dabbed directly on the skin to soothe  red and irritated skin and its awesome   on a sunburn.

Cornflower extract is also available from Formulator Sample Shop, one of my favorite  DIY skin care suppliers.  This glycerin based liquid can be  mixed into your current  favorite moisturizer to boost its anti-inflammatory  potential.  In a small dish, mix  one drop of cornflower extract to 10 drops of moisturizer, then apply to face and body.   It’s my  current favorite way of treating winter dry skin without clogging up my pores.

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