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Fashion-Flash-logoThis week  Barbara Hannah Grufferman of Best of Everything After 50  is hosting Fashion Flash! She is  a living breathing  symbol that there is  life after 50, and a great life  at that.  Last week she  was wonderful on the Today Show talking about loneliness  during the holidays.  On Facebook she shared  an amazing recipe for  Brussel sprouts with pistachios.  My favorite image of  Barbara  this week was posing with  a chocolate cake with a birthday crown on her head proudly announcing  she  had turned 58. She makes   getting older  look fun and easy and I always feel energized  after  reading her posts.

Fashion FLash Remembers-- Titi BranchFashion Flash Remembers: Titi Branch ( 1969-2014)

I was so shocked and  saddened to read of the apparent suicide of legendary hair  care entrepreneur Titi Branch, founder of Miss Jessie’s.  I met  Titi  last summer at Cosmoprof and  like so  many  others, I was  drawn to   her beauty, charm and radiant smile.  She was a well known curly hair guru and when I showed her photos  of my curly  haired granddaughter,  she  knew exactly what I needed to do. Titi took the time to  take  me through the process, step  by step, to  explain  best way to style curly tops.  She loved the post and we  made plans to do more  articles.

Titi  was a brilliant entrepreneur  and a genuinely  good person . Born in Queens, New York  she graduated  from University of Maryland with a degree in economics. After   a stint as a field producer for ABC-TV she opened   Icon Creative Artists, a booking agency for hair and celebrity photographers.   With  her sister  Miko as partner, in 1997 she opened  Curve, her first salon catering to curly  hair.  With the  development of her  own line  of hair care products to enhance natural curly hair in 2004, she changed the name of  her Brooklyn salon to Miss Jessie’s– after her feisty grandmother.  In April  2015   her  first book Miss Jessie’s: Creating a Successful Business from Scratch– Naturally is scheduled to be released.

It is so  hard to believe that someone as smart, successful, beautiful and loved as Titi would die by suicide.  Depression and mental illness is  one of the last taboos that  we tend to keep hidden– and with tragic results.  Black Girls Smile is a dynamic  organization that is dedicated to promoting mental health for young black African American women is a resource that needs support. If you  or anyone  close to you seems to be  troubled,  especially  during the holidays call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255 or go online at


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