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Fashion-Flash-logoThis week Melanie of Society Wellness is hosting Fashion Flash!  A professional dancer and a certified  yoga instructor she has an in-depth knowledge  of health and nutrition you can trust.  Her diet recommendations  are always on point and her recipes are for life, not  just a short lived diet.  Subscribe to  her site and you’ll  never  miss  her always relevant and interesting posts.

Fashion Flash Book Review: Freakin Fabulous on a BudgetFashion Flash Book Review:  Freakin’ Fabulous on a Budget by Clinton Kelly

IMO What Not to Wear is one of the best lifestyle shows on TV.  It shows real  people with real fashion issues and comes up with  fashion solutions that are  genuinely helpful.  In addition to  fashion What  Not To Wear co-host  Clinton Kelly has equally  on point  advice on entertaining and decorating that  he shares in his   book Freakin  Fabulous on a Budget.

His more than 50 recipes are  easy,  affordable  and perfect for entertaining.  He  uses  simple supermarket foods like chick peas, olives, and corn muffin mix and turns them into festive  cocktail nibbles.  His side dishes of glazed carrots  and brussel sprouts with bacon  turn a plain roast chicken into a holiday meal. I’m no mixologist but his instructions for a Bourbon  rRcky  or a Tequila Sunrise  were so simple and delicious I wowed  the guests at a  neighborhood  New Year’s  pot  luck party.

It also turns out that Clinton Kelly is a wiz  with a glue gun.  He  makes  crafting chic  with designs for napkins from old  shirts, a homemade mercury glass lamp ( incredible!) and absolutely beautiful candles made in blue and white tea cups. Last summer  I scooped up a few, old tea cups at a flea market that  just  sat there on a shelf  gathering  dust.   I  made them into  candles, Clinton style and lit them up. They were the stars on my dinner  table.

The last past of the book is focused on fashion and packed with  tips.  My favorite section is a detailed description of how  and where to tailor  clothes.  Clinton not only shows you  where to  adjust,  he  also explains  what problems can’t be fixed.  For example, I’m petite  and  usually have to shorten  pants and jeans.  Clinton  points out that if the pants need to be shortened more than 3 inches,  the knees will not be  properly  positioned.  In that one sentence I now understood why so  many pairs of pants  just  did not seem to work. This  book  is a keeper and deserves a spot on my  fashion shelves.

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