Beauty Benefits of a TCA Peel

Before TCA peel

Baseline- Skin before TCA peel

I admit I am a beauty junkie but I  also admit I am a coward.  At No-Nonsense Beauty Blog,  I get  many questions about  TCA peels but  I’ve heard they  can be uncomfortable.  I wanted to get real time answers, but  I cringed at the idea of a serious peel. I’ve had 70% glycolic peels that  gave me a little glow, but never had a peel  where  my skin actually peeled.   This winter I decided to put on my big  girl panties and  donate my face to  science   in yet another beauty experiment.

IMO Carissa McCormick is the best esthetician in NYC.  Working with Park Avenue  aesthetic surgeon Dr Z. Paul Lorenc, she has changed my skin with amazing treatments including the Hydrafacial and Forever Young BBL.Before we started she sat  me in front of a Visia imaging system to take a photo  that can show the skin below the surface.  A few weeks after the TCA peel, we took a second set  of  Visia photos to show  the real physical changes from the peel..

Carissa started with the Sensi Peel  from PCA that contained 6% TCA, 12% lactic acid,as well as kojic acid and citric acid.  It felt warm but not uncomfortable, especially with a little fan aimed at my face. (On a pain scale of 1-10, it was about a zero.)  After about 10 minutes, she applied a second layer, this time using Ultra Peel Forte which contained 20% TCA and 10% lactic  acid.  Another 10 minutes passed under the fan and Carissa applied a third layer of .3% Retinoic Acid ( Just for comparison the highest concentration of a Retin A gel  contain .05%).  Carisa explained

Just after TCA Peel

My face immediately after TCA peel

that the TCA peel mix opened up the pores and increased access to the skin. After 10 minutes the peel was over.  My skin looked a little red and shiny.  For the final step Carissa applied a Tizo sunscreen to protect  my freshly treated  face.

Peeling after TCA Peel

Peeling after TCA Peel

The peeling started 48 hours later.  It was very mild and mostly around my cheeks and  jawline.  The light peeling and dryness lasted three days, leaving my skin soft  and smooth.  It was so  fresh and clear, I didn’t want to cover it with a foundation. However I  became even more compulsive about sunscreen use, not wanting to lose  what I had gained.

TCA peel made skin look fresh and smooth

Skin looks refined and fresh

How the TCA Peel Changed The Skin

I thought my skin looked wonderful and  my photos show a subtle refinement that was hard to describe.  My follow-up Visia photos  explained   what I was actually  seeing. The little green dots identify enlarged pores. When you compare the number of  dots on the  cheek( before treatment on the left) to the dots on the cheek ( after treatment on the right)  there is  about a 25% reduction. This is a  big  reason for the visible improvement  and two months later  and I still don’t need foundation.  At $150/ treatment, this peel is  a fabulous and affordable way to get a special and long lasting improvement in skin  tone and texture.

Visia before and after peel

Visia photos before and after TCA peel

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