Its Fashion Flash Monday!

Fashion-Flash-logoThis week  Jodell of Black Cat Plus is hosting Fashion Flash.  I love  this site with a mix of great plus size  fashion and activism.  And  what  you may not  know  about Jodell is that she is the  mother of an gorgeous  prize  winning black cat– after  whom the site is named.  I am thrilled  because Black Cat Plus will be one of the first sites to be featured on the soon to open Fashion Flash Boutique— an online store of  carefully selected  items that  the  our members  love  and use.  The first selections include clothing from Black Cat Plus,   fitness equipment from Moving Free With Mirabai  and from No-Nonsense Beauty Blog,  my favorite skin care  item  in my beauty   tool kit. Watch for it in  the coming weeks.

Fashion Flash Exhibit-  Helena RubinsteinFashion Flash Must See Show:  Power  and Beauty– The Life and  TImes of Helena Rubinstein

The Jewish Museum in New York City is offering an amazing exhibition on the life and style of legendary cosmetics tycoon Helena Rubinstein.  Born in a small village in Poland in 1872, she not only created an industry than spanned  four continents, she changed public perceptions about skin care and make-up.  She literally started  in  her kitchen cooking up pots of  cream to relieve dry skin.  Called creme Valeze is was the start of a cosmetics empire  that she ran with an iron hand  until her death at 92.

Madame Rubinstein was not just   major player  in the  creation  of  the modern beauty industry, she  invented  new marketing and packaging  concepts as  she  grew her company.  Recognizing  the links between beauty and medicine, she dubbed herself ” The first lady  of  beauty science”. As a marketing ploy she  had  her portrait  painted  by the leading artists of  her time. As she grew older  Madame Rubinstein  became as well known for her jewels and art collection as her skin care and  make-up.  She was a genius for  memorable tag lines including  my favorite–”  There are no ugly women, only  lazy ones”.

The exhibit at the Jewish  Museum ( 5th Avenue and 92nd st)  will be open until March 22– a must see for all beauty junkies.


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