Salt or Sugar- Which Exfoliates Better?

Salt questionQuestion:  I love making natural products at home, especially   scrubs. I’ve read good things about both salt and sugar.  Which  one would you recommend?

Answer:  I’m also a big fan of DIY skin care.  I love to make my own products and scrubs are at the top of  my DIY list.  I actually like both sugar and salt scrubs and they work well for  different problems and different body parts. What makes both salt and sugar so effective is that the grains gradually dissolve as they are rubbed into the skin. Most scrubs are combined with oils to exfoliate and moisturize at the same time. Sugar also contains glycolic acid  which is one of the most effective  exfoliating ingredients in  countless skin care products.   It removes the  top  dead layer of skin cells which not only clarifies the complexion,  but encourages growth of healthy skin. A sugar scrub gives you  both sugarphysical exfoliation from the grains and chemical exfoliation from the glycolic acid.

Salt scrubs offer heavy duty exfoliation.  They are wonderful  for elbows, legs, and are heros for the soles of the feet.  They are  too hash for the face and neck, but can be used for the rest of the body.   Just be sure to  only use natural sea salt  in your scrubs.  Processed salts are fortified with iodine  which  is good  for nutrition but  can trigger acne.


Here are three of my favorite sugar/ salt scrubs. I’ve tried scrubs with extra ingredients like  rose  extract  and  fresh thyme, but I’ve found them irritating.  I keep things simple and  enjoy  fresh, clear skin.

1. Banana Sea Salt Scrub –  I  “invented” this scrub  when  I had small children in the home.  They  never  ate a whole banana  and  I found a great use  for the leftovers.   Simply combine 1/2 cup  of mashed banana with I/2 cup sea salt.  Mix together and rub into feet and legs,  Remove  with a warm  washcloth.

2. Coconut  Sugar Scrub –   Coconut  oil has  so many  benefits its a perfect partner to a sugar scrub.  Simply combine 1/2 cup coconut oil with 1/4 cup  sugar and  rub into your face and neck. Leave  it  on your face  for five minutes  for a little extra skin TLC. Wipe off  with a  warm washcloth and rinse with a few  handfuls of cool water.

3. Mediterranean Scrub –   Olive oil  is a natural healer and is a perfect partner with natural sea salt. Just combine 1/2 cup olive oil, 1/4 cup  natural sea salt and 1 teaspoon  honey  for extra moisturizing.  Use it anywhere on your body.  But you use it  in the shower, be very careful  because the floor of the tub or shower stall can become slippery.






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