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Fashion-Flash-logoThis week the amazing Cindy of Prime Beauty is hosting Fashion Flash. There is  certainly no shortage of beauty sites that deal with skin care and  make-up, but Prime Beauty stands  out for its style and  accuracy.  I especially love the way  that Prime Beauty filters all the advice thru the unique needs of over 40 skin.  Her recent  post on smoky eye for our tribe is a classic.  I shared it on Facebook and downloaded a copy  and used it  to make-up  for my evening out.   If you care about  beauty, subscribe to Prime Beauty   to get every post.

Fashion Flash Book Review:  Vintage BeautyFashion Flash Book Review:  Vintage Beauty by Daniela Turudich

This book combines two of my favorite subjects- vintage and DIY skin care.  This  wonderful book  culls recipes, tips and “secrets” from the Golden Age of Hollywood.  Covering   recipes from  1920’s  to 1970’s.  it offers a treasure trove of easy to do  yet effective  beauty potions.  From  simple skin scrubs with baking soda to homemade cold cream, Vintage Beauty is packed with more than 200 make at home beauty recipes.  Better still  most of these recipes use  ingredients that are easily available  from your kitchen, drugstore and health food store.  Beautiful  skin and hair were considered essential in Old Hollywood and these DIY treatments  were aimed at dealing with acne,  dark spots, wrinkles and dry skin. They are actually based on good science and  work better for me than preservative  and fragrance packed  commercial products.

The  book includes  a wonderful  glossary of terms and ingredients that explains in  just a few words  where they originate and what they do. For example alum is a mineral  that is antibacterial that soothes the skin as it  shrinks pores while castor oil  reduces redness. I was impressed to learn that flaxseed oil  is helpful for  both eczema and psoriasis while epsom salts reduce inflammation.  Vintage Beauty is  a keeper!

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  1. I asked you awhile ago what cleanser and moisturizer you recommend for users of RetinA. You told me Cetaphil Cleanser and CeraVe pm moisturizer (sp?). I have read some not so good comments on Cetaphil Cleanser. I actually have been using the store brand or dollar store brand. CeraVe pm causes me to breakout. I have read and have been using Vit C or Coconut Oil as moisturizer. Still get breakouts. Do you have any new recommendations for me on cleansers and moisturizers? thank you!!

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