Its Fashion Flash Monday!

Fashion-Flash-logoIt is  so appropriate  that Mirabai  of Moving Free With Mirabai is hosting Fashion Flash this week.  In addition  to Valentine’s Day, February is also  healthy heart month.   Heart disease is the #1  killer of women and  all too often a woman is not ware of  cardiac problems, until she winds up in  an ER.   Mirabai  established  a  world class cardiac  rehabilitation program in NYC  that become a  model that other centers followed.  While  she has developed  a wide range of exercise programs,  heart healthy  workouts are  her special passion. Click thru Fashion Flash  to read   other heart related posts for advice that  makes you feel as good as you look.

Fashion FLash Product Close-UpFashion Flash Close-Up: Shark Tank Beauty Products

I’m addicted to  Shark Tank, the venture capital  TV  show  where entrepreneurs present their ideas and ask for  investment in exchange  for  equity.  It shows  me  right way to build a business that  a library of business books and  hours of courses never did and I actually take  detailed notes. .  So when I  got an email from two  entrepreneurs who were scheduled to appear on Shark Tank last week, I was thrilled.  Abby and  Liz are two friends who created   a unique  lip balm with the catchy name of  Balm Chicky Balm Balm.  While it feels wonderful, what  sets Balm Chicky Balm Balm apart  is  the double end design.  One  end is  for your lips and the other is a little  tub that a friend  can swipe to  share the balm without  getting  unwanted  “cooties”.  Liz and  Abby asked Fashion Flash Product Close-up the “Sharks” for an investment  of  $75Kfor  a 20% equity.  They did not get a deal ((I guess the Sharks do  not  get chapped lips) , but the  publicity gave them a big and well deserved surge in sales. Its a wonderful product and it was fun to feel like I had a realtime connection to the show.

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  1. I saw that show (also addicted) and didn’t think the product would win over the sharks. I have never in my life had anyone except my husband ask to use my balm….nor would I ever ask anyone else. But then, I’m not a skier. However, I’ve caught my husband using “our” balm on particularly rough patches on his hard working hands while he sits watching TV. That gives me an idea. The two ends could be assigned to lips and hands. Just a thought…for Abby and Liz who might want to add this idea to their marketing or product design.

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