Freezing at Fashion Week

Fashion Week in NYCThere is nothing like  New York Fashion Week in an Arctic freeze.  It forces Fashionistas to use all their style skills to look great under  real life situations.  Open any fashion magazine or catalog and you’ll see smiling people in beautiful clothing with little or no relationsip to real time weather.   As a result, unless you are living year round  in the South West, you’re left to deal with rain, snow and cold with little helpful style advice. In winter this can mean black puffy coat  that adds at least 20 pounds, a hat that squashes  your hair and a 24/7 relationship with shapeless waterproof  boots.

Fashion week bootsThat was then, this is now.  This week Fashionistas  finally showed me how to do winter in style and comfort.  Winter chic  starts at the bottom with footwear.  Gone are  breathtakingly high stiletto boots. In their place are designer combat boots, fur covered boots, sneaker boots or basic black  leather boots with stacked heels and metal trim.  The coat of the year is a  chunky knee length faux fur or heavy  wool. Between the chunky  coat and boots,  uber skinny  jeans or leggings  slimmed down and balanced the total look. Hats were  on just about every  head.  There were Russian style fur hats,  loose wool caps that don’t flatten out freshly blown out hair, a few floppy felt hats and a scattering of baseball style caps.

Warm and Chic Inside Fashion Week Tents

Fashion Week Coat of the Year

Under the outerwear, style met weather with dramatic yet warm options.  Where once we shivered in sleeveless LBD’s , now chunky sweaters, leather jackets and long sweater dresses keep  the Fashion Week attendees warm AND chic.

Traditional winter clothing is often colorful or in a traditional plaid.  The new winter style  echos the neutral palette of black, beige and white that designers  seem to adore.  They avoid looking   drab with beautiful fit, proportion and touches of luxury like  a  full fur scarf or  hat.Fashion Week Look of the Year



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