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Fashion FLash Remembers-- Titi BranchEvery day I get great skin care questions from visitors to No-Nonsense Beauty Blog. Some like which moisturizer to wear with Retin A  or how does vitamin C work , I can answer easily.  Others like skin care during pregnancy deal with health  issues  that need an expert for  safe  and accurate info.  But its the questions about skin of color that challenge me the most.  All too often these questions ask for advice after standard treatments  have not  only failed , they have made the situation worse.

Skin of color is genuinely less troubled by acne and aging, but   its this  inherent strength that can lead to two common problems– irregular pigmentation and scarring.  For example at least once a week I get an  email asking about the safety of hydroquinone for lightening  dark patches.  More critical are the e-mails where women of South Asian or Phillipino descent developed irregular  areas of pigmentation from laser treatments.  Its  heartbreaking to read and it will take time and money with the right doctors to reverse  this type of damage.South Asian Women

This type  of damage CAN be reversed, and that’s one of the reasons I have now installed a new tab  that brings together all the questions  and answers that deal with problems that affect skin of color.  These posts look at issues like  the difference between skin lightening and skin brightening  and  safe acne treatment for  women of color.

Many  of the skin care tools and treatments that  are used for  common problem provoke irritation to encourage skin growth. However  in skin of color this irritation can trigger dark patches and irregular skin tones.  But used properly with people who  really know  what they are doing, any skin can get  wonderful results.woman of color

I  love all the questions that arrive in my email but I am especially excited about real time questions  about skin of color.  I feel  there is a lack of accurate and effective information   and I look forward  to  filling this  under recognized need.

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