It’s Fashion Flash Monday!

Fashion-Flash-logoThis week, Pam of Over 50 Feeling  40 is hosting Fashion Flash.  She  is  such an inspiring and positive   person I look forward to hearing what she is up to every week.  At fifty she realized that she had  ignored  both  her appearance and goals and decided to change the direction of her life.  She is now a well-known fashion blogger, a brand ambassador and a role model to woman  looking to make the second  50 years, the best  years.

Fashion Flash Book Review: 50 Ways to Wear a ScarfFashion Flash Book Review:  50 Ways to Wear A Scarf by Lauren Friedman

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Woman’s History Month– Mme. C.J. Walker

Mme CJ WalkerIf  you never heard of Mme C.J. Walker, I’m so glad  I can be the one to introduce you to this amazing woman. If you  already know  of her life and accomplishments, then you share my  respect and and interest in this remarkable American.

Mme. Walker was born Sarah Breedlove in 1867, the fifth child of recently freed slaves.  She became an orphan at age 7 and picked cotton and did housework  just to stay alive.  By 1885, a widow with two children,she started working  in the barbershops owned by her brothers. And as fate would have it, it was a damaging  hair product that changed her life and the lives of countless  generations of women.  A harsh shampoo with lye  had burned her scalp, causing distressing bald  patches.   To deal with the hair loss, she began to … Continue Reading…

Its Fashion Flash Monday!

Fashion-Flash-logoThis week, Melanie of Society Wellness is hosting  Fashion Flash.     In the past few weeks Melanie has  been posting amazing  pix of dancers  that she has worked  with including her father.  As a professional dancer, Melanie  has long known  how important  diet and exercise is to  health and fitness.   There is no shortage of gimmicky/ quick fix diet gurus. Melanie   like  many dancers approach    wellness  with long term successful goals.  Her recipes are amazing–  as delicious as they are packed with nutrition.  Her exercise advice  makes  me feel stronger, not achy.  Do yourself a favor and subscribe to her amazing site.  Your body will thank you.

Fashion Flash Book review: Your Guide to Personal Style, Continue Reading…

The Trouble With Moisturizers, Part 1

Moisturizer QuestionQuestion:  Why do you hate moisturizers?  Every time a readers asks for moisturizer recommendations, you tell them not use use them.   How else would you prevent or manage dry skin?

Answer:  I  know I am a ” Debbie Downer”   when it comes  to moisturizers, but my  recommendations are based  on strong science.  Adequate water levels are essential for healthy soft skin.  How skin stays hydrated is complex, but the first line of control is the oil we naturally produce.  This oil forms a film that acts like plastic wrap on a sandwich to prevent water evaporation from the skin. If you produce enough oil to be bothered by breakouts, you don’t need additional moisturizer to maintain healthy water levels  In fact, using moisturizers on oily  or acne troubled skin is … Continue Reading…

It’s Fashion Flash Monday!

Fashion-Flash-logoThis  week Barbara Hannah Grufferman of Best Of Everything After 50 is hosting Fashion Flash.  She is such an amazing role  model  for women over 50– smart, happy, healthy and  successful. While society  has  such a hard  time defining   us, Barbara  has   done it for us.  Please  subscribe to her wonderful site to get the best of her always valuable  advice.

Fashion Flash Book ReviewFashion Flash Book Review:Dr Gott’s No Flour, No-Sugar Cookbook

I’ve been a foodie since I learned how to turn on a stove at age 10- and my favorite recipe  is anything that I can cook and serve  at a dinner party.   But in recent years … Continue Reading…

Aquarmarine- The Glorious Birthstone of Spring

aquamarine-- birthstone of MarchThere are  few stones as flattering to the face  as the clear, pale  blue/green  aquamarine.  The birthstone of March, it has been the universal symbol of youth and hope  since the 16th century.  Worn as earrings, the sparkle and unique coloring of aquamarine gemstones  enhance virtually every eye color.  Aquamarine looks sensational with pale colors and classic clothing. Worn alone or combined  or  with diamonds and pearls ( real or faux) aquamarine is a special choice with spring and summer clothing.   Aquamarine should not be restricted to the soft pale colors of summer– its lifts the muted greys and brown knits as well as winter whites.

Here are four  ways you can make aquamarine work for you:

Sunday Brunch:aquamarine earrings, bone cashmere crew neck sweater, bone gaberdine … Continue Reading…

Its Fashion Flash Monday!

Fashion-Flash-logoThis  week  Mirabai  of Moving Free with Mirabai is hosting Fashion Flash.  This  world class exercise guru  has developed programs for everyone from children to seniors each designed to deal with unique needs and  unique goals. She will soon be  announcing  a new project  on Fashion Flash that will change the way you exercise this summer

Eyebrows 101

EyebrowsGrowing up I always had such thick eyebrows, I actually  sported a unibrow.  When I was a very young bride my always elegant  MIL took me to her favorite facialist  at the Helena Rubinstein Salon.   I was mortified  as the two woman chatted  in Romanian, shaking their heads and    pointing  to  my brows.  For the rest of my life I  will never forget the image of that steaming spatula of  molten wax coming toward  my face.  But my terror  and discomfort were forgotten when the mirror revealed two perfect brows  that channeled Liz Taylor.

thinning eyebrowsFor the next few decades I pretty much forgot  my brows and relied on   regular waxing … Continue Reading…