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EyebrowsGrowing up I always had such thick eyebrows, I actually  sported a unibrow.  When I was a very young bride my always elegant  MIL took me to her favorite facialist  at the Helena Rubinstein Salon.   I was mortified  as the two woman chatted  in Romanian, shaking their heads and    pointing  to  my brows.  For the rest of my life I  will never forget the image of that steaming spatula of  molten wax coming toward  my face.  But my terror  and discomfort were forgotten when the mirror revealed two perfect brows  that channeled Liz Taylor.

thinning eyebrowsFor the next few decades I pretty much forgot  my brows and relied on   regular waxing to keep my brows under control.   In the past few years I slowly began to notice  that  I could go longer and longer between waxings.  This year a series of before  and after photos for a TCA peel showed that my once  thick brows were no more.  In their place were a pair of pale frizzy brows that didn’t even match.

I realized that I needed expert help.  I decided to check out a famous brow stylist who took 40 minutes to shape each brow with just tweezers and  brow powder.   To give him Untrained eyebrowssomething to work with I gave up waxing for three months  for maximum growth.  Unfortunately, I could not get an appointment with the brow expert to the stars, so I went to a salon which had been trained by him.

I was excited  but oddly confident  when I showed up to the elegant, small but crowded salon.  Right in the reception area   a good looking  man in a black tee shirt  was working on a young girl with thick beautiful brows.  Even my local Korean nail place  took clients to a private  room for hair removal, but  hey I’m  cool, I can handle public tweezing.

When I hopped up on the stool, I had a list of questions and issues to discuss with the man holding a pair of sharp tweezers.  But before  I could  say much, he announced that I had to dye my eyebrows.  In truth I wanted to see what he was  going to do before I would  let  him  slather my face with a permanent dye.  When he realized that dyeing was not an option  he went to work– with  an audience of customers watching his every move.  In less than five minutes he was done– and so were my eyebrows.   When I looked in the mirror I could barely see  I  still had eyebrows.   Mr Black Tee  had tweezed them into a thin highly arched rounded shape that was a cross between  a 1940’s B level actress and a badly placed  shot of Botox.  Given that  I have a round/square  shaped face, the last thing I needed  was a  rounded eyebrow. When I asked about a pencil or powder he sold me a blond pencil  for an additional $30.

When I checked  out, the receptionist urged me to set up another appointment in a month as well as a package of four appointments to save me $40.   I was almot speechless.  After another such tweezing, I would have nothing left to pluck. As I left I kept repeating to myself ” At least I have bangs, at least I have bangs”

EB3I was so shocked and miserable about the  destruction of my brows, it was a month before I could actually  take a picture. The super high arch now seems to have flattened out  a bit and there  has been some regrowth at the  ends.   Now four weeks later there is enough regrowth  that I don’t cringe when I look in the mirror.   To be fair,  as we  get older our brows become naturally thinner and  shorter.  At this point I realized that I need to look for tools to increase  fullness  before  I can modify the shape.   I will be checking in with different make-up artists to see what they can do with a pencil, powder or gel.  If I don’t like it, at least  it will wash  off.

6 thoughts on “Eyebrows 101

  1. Eyebrows are so sacred; sorry to hear you had a bad experience. I’ve had great success stimulating growth with generic minoxidil 5% (men’s strength) carefully applied 2x a day with a cotton bud, and with no side effects. But it must be men’s; I’ve read that using the weaker strength for women doesn’t stimulate growth. Have you tried threading? I find that women from the Middle East and subcontinent have such beautiful brows, and they get that perfect, thick shape from threading.

    • Minoxidil, what a great idea. I think it’s now available without a prescription.Thanks so much for the tip!

  2. Oh no 🙁 I’m so sorry you had such a bad experience! Eyebrows can really make or break your face! I actually stopped having mine done at the salon after several bad experienced and learned how to shape them myself.

    • Thanks so much for the sympathy. Over the past three years I’ve tried so many beauty options with great results, I guess my luck just ran out. At least I wear bangs– and now will explore regrowth options. Latisse?

  3. Have you ever considered electrolysis? It has been ( for me ) the greatest
    thing for shaping…permanently! It is a slow process, but so worth it. I
    went for the 5 minute sessions ( less expensive ), a few weeks apart, and now I stop by for touch ups every 3 months or so. It has also rid my chin of those nasty and embarrassing hairs. All gone. Permanently!!

    I’d like to know if anyone has had this procedure done.

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