Aquarmarine- The Glorious Birthstone of Spring

aquamarine-- birthstone of  MarchThere are  few stones as flattering to the face  as the clear, pale  blue/green  aquamarine.  The birthstone of March, it has been the universal symbol of youth and hope  since the 16th century.  Worn as earrings, the sparkle and unique coloring of aquamarine gemstones  enhance virtually every eye color.  Aquamarine looks sensational with pale colors and classic clothing. Worn alone or combined  or  with diamonds and pearls ( real or faux) aquamarine is a special choice with spring and summer clothing.   Aquamarine should not be restricted to the soft pale colors of summer– its lifts the muted greys and brown knits as well as winter whites.

Here are four  ways you can make aquamarine work for you:

Sunday Brunch:aquamarine earrings, bone cashmere crew neck sweater, bone gaberdine pants, cream and black ballet flats, off white  lace scarf. ( a vintage one  is particularly fabulous)

Afternoon Summer Concert: aquamarine and pearl ring, bone linen  sheath, bone and black  Chanel style slingback  heels, pearl stud earrings,  aquamarine  and  long  bone chiffon scarf around the shoulders

Perfect Summer Day: aquamarine heart shaped drop earrings, light midcalf  green flowered dress, bone ballet flats, thin gold chain around the neck, big straw  tote bag

Snowy Winter Day: aquamarine  bracelet, grey cashmere turtleneck sweater, grey pants, black  suede booties

Buying Aquamarine Jewelry

Most of the aquamarines we see on jewelry counters are from Brazil, but   they are also mined in Russia, Pakistan, Kenya and even in the California and Colorado. They are  one of the most affordable gems, start at $100/caret. By comparison, natural sapphires start at $500/caret.

One final thought : Aquamarine  is definitely a girly-girl stone.   Its not the  best choice  when your  outfit include a black moto jacket or high top sneakers. If you are petite, look for delicate  jewelry.  If you tall or   full figured,  look for a  big, beautiful statement ring.  You won’t be  sorry.

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