Its Fashion Flash Monday!

Fashion-Flash-logoThis week, Melanie of Society Wellness is hosting  Fashion Flash.     In the past few weeks Melanie has  been posting amazing  pix of dancers  that she has worked  with including her father.  As a professional dancer, Melanie  has long known  how important  diet and exercise is to  health and fitness.   There is no shortage of gimmicky/ quick fix diet gurus. Melanie   like  many dancers approach    wellness  with long term successful goals.  Her recipes are amazing–  as delicious as they are packed with nutrition.  Her exercise advice  makes  me feel stronger, not achy.  Do yourself a favor and subscribe to her amazing site.  Your body will thank you.

Fashion Flash Book review: Your Guide to Personal Style, Fashion Flash  Book Review:  Your Guide to Personal Style  from Harper’s Bazaar Fashion

This is the third in a series of books from Harper’s Bazaar.   I  liked Bazaar Great Style  and LOVED  Fabulous  at Every Age and  really looked forward to diving into Personal Style.   But although I love vintage style, this  book seems   frankly dated.  There is a heavy  emphasis on style icons of the past which does not help much  when you are trying  to develop a contemporary style.  Few  of the  style choices  of women  like Milicent Rogers,  Barbara Stanwyck, and Brigitte Bardot are even available in stores today.  When the  book  does look at more contemporary  fashion it  features runway  looks that  are beyond the  reach of 99% of women  either in price and functionality.  There are a photos of younger celebrities, but they seem pretty random papparazzi shots.  There are also too many photos  in front of the red carpet backdrop which really doesn’t  help the average  women  crank up her personal style. Finally most of the shoes  sport at least a four inch  heel.  Really?  We can’t work and work any distance in those  things.  How much more interesting if there had been  a wider range of footwear options that reflect the many roles  we take on  these days.


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