Easy Answers for Beautiful Brows

Benefit Brow BarStill focused on my brows, the minute I stepped into the girly pink Benefit Brow Bar, I felt renewed optimism.  The store was bustling with three estheticians working with customers.  They were discussing options with their clients, stopping to check the results in the mirror  to get their feedback.  It was a true collaboration rather than the blitz attack that I experienced with my celebrity brow stylist.

Trying Out Brow Options

Six weeks after my epic brow shaping I still did not have enough regrowth to reshape. brows with powder and pencil Instead I worked with a very talented make-up artist named Asia to show me what I could do with powders and pencils. Benefit has three different sets of tools and I was ready to buy them all– but Asia insisted on showing me how each looked on my brows.  On the left side she used powder and wax ad on the right she applied  pencil and gel.  We both decided that pencil and gel looked better.  I had already bought the gel at Sephora, but in  the wrong color.  On the other hand, the powder and wax  were too heavy  both for my small face  and thin brows.  I had dreams of “Audrey” brows and these were more “Gaucho”. I had loved the idea of a powder to build up my brows, but it was just not the right answer for me.

Asis and I also discussed tinting which Benefit does after, rather than before shaping.  Tinting makes the most of existing brows, covering the grey and coloring the tiny, pale hairs to give the brow more volume. But then the question becomes choosing the right color.   Some experts recommend going one shade darker than your hair color while others suggest   going one shade lighter.  But then things get a  bit more complicated and three questions came to mind:

1. If your  hair is grey do you leave the brows grey or do  you color them?

2. If you color or hightlight  your hair, what shade  do you choose for your  brows?

3. If you have become a redhead, should your brows match?

All good questions and I am determined to get good answers.

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