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Fashion-Flash-logoThis week the amazing Cindy of Prime Beauty is hosting Fashion Flash.  She is  my favorite make-up expert, and I never buy a lipstick, blush or liner without checking our her site for recommendations.  Quite simply, this lady is never wrong!   Subscribe to  her site  to   get all her wonderful advice.

Fashion Flash Book Review:  Green is the  new BlackFashion Flash Book Review: Green is  The New Black by Tasmin Blanchard

April is Earth Month and Green is the New Black is the perfect book to review this week.  At this point most of us are all too aware of  environmental challenges like  air pollution from cars,  chemicals in the water supply, melting icecaps and dying bees.  All bad news and mostly not under our control. Green is the New Black takes a micro view of our planet and shines a light on the way different ways  fashion impacts our environment.   For example I was blown away by the huge impact of a simple white tee shirt on the planet.  From the water and pesticides used to grow the cotton to the pile up of discarded tees in our landfills, it is clear that clothing choices are part of the “green “dialogue.

Green is the New Black starts with an over view  of  what the author  calls sustainable style.  This means looking not only looking at the impact of every step of clothing production, but offering better options and alternatives.  From buying vintage clothing on EBay  to the designers  and stores which use recycyled fabrics, this well researched  book empowered me to be part of the solution.  I loved the idea that my daily fashion choices could have a positive impact  on the planet.

In addition to  Ms Blanchard’s   focus  on natural and organic issues, she is a passionate  supporter of the millions of low paid workers in the fashion industry.  She details  how the cheap fashions are funded by low wages  and harsh conditions for the people that produced them.   I was really happy  to learn that organic farmers actually see a 50% increase in their income.

Good Looking Green Fashion

There  is the perception that sustainable fashion  means  baggy, dull clothing and clumsy shoes, So. Not. True.  From affordable  lines form H & M, Urban Outfitters and Timberlands to designers like Stella McCartney, Ms Banchard details how to be a socially  responsible   fashionista.

One final thought- I bought my  signed copy of Green is the New Black at  an Oxfam shop in Islington.  So perfect.


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