Its Fashion Flash Monday!

Fashion-FlashThis week Josephine of  award winning  Chic At Any Age is hosting Fashion Flash.  She is a fashion professional that shares real life  style advice.  Most fashion  layouts ignore the impact of weather on  style.  They offer chiffon skirts in winter  or a chunky   cashmere tank top in summer. And they  seem  to forget  that  suede  stilettos and rain are a terrible combo.  Not Chic  At Any  Age.  For example  this month she  did an amazing  spread on   style during a  cold windy holiday in Wales. With just a few key items including a blue wool dress, boots and  tights, she   was warm,comfortable and beautiful.  Subscribe to  her wonderful site to  get all her great advice.

Fashion Flash Fraud Alert!FRAUD ALERT!

Over the weekend, I started getting emails from readers  asking when can they expect their free samples of an anti-aging serum.  WTH?????  Apparently, some  creep  has hacked into one of my posts and replaced it with an offer of a free sample of  some goo  that  never arrives.  I  have never offered free samples of anything  and certainly never linked to  this  brand.  According to my  site  host,   the hacker originates from an island off of New Zealand.  We   have  filed  complaints  to a number of agencies  and  they  tell me it will take  time to take  down the  link.   I am so sorry  if you  responded to this  illegal offer.   I  have built my reputation on honest  useful information  and  a fake offer from a fake company  with fake Twitter and Facebook buttons  is a major migraine.

This seems to be a week for hacking.  Some  beauty bloggers are reporting that their  ad networks are  being click bombed.  Some  are concerned that   a virus in site badges  has corrupted their entire site.  But it could be worse.  In the 18th century, pirates terrorized the seas.  They would attacks with canons, board ships brandishing  swords  and capture women for ransom.  And all this with a peg leg and a parrot on their shoulder.

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