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eyebrow stencilsIts now been ten weeks since my celebrity eyebrow fiasco.  I know  that they are growing in because  I don’t cringe when I look in the mirror.  I can also see where my natural eyebrows are in good shape and where they still need help. My left eyebrow has  “lost”  its tail ( its too short) and  in the middle  there is  a bald spot.  My right eyebrow is  actually OK but could use a little help at the end.

To get a fuller, more defined shape  I decided to try out brow sencils.  There are  numerous brands and choose one of the best known, Stencils from Anastasia of Beverly Hills.  There are five  plastic brow  templates with slightly different arch positions and lengths.   Missing from the  package  are templates for the  current  oh so popular flatter  thicker brows.   I still haven’t abandoned  the dream of  the flat, angled  Audrey style brows, but I decided to start with these shapes.

Attention:  Eyebrow Stencils Need Three Hands

Here’s how it was supposed to work.  You position the template on your eyebrow with two fingers and use a pencil to fill in the shape,  re- position the arch as well as  have them look fuller and longer.   First I need to point out that it becomes seriously difficult if you are wearing glasses since  most rims cover the brows.  But when I took off my glasses, my brows were a blur and I couldn’t see the outline  of the template.  I brooded  for about   15 minutes, then went out and bought a magnifying mirror which   enabled me to  see my brows without glasses ( This added 19.95 to the cost,  but I needed one anyway)

Now that I could see again, I held the stencil against my left brow with two fingers of my left hand and started to follow the outline with a pencil in my right hand.  At least that was the plan.  I found it almost impossible to color within the lines.  For some reason there was a little plastic bar at the point of the arch which meant a break in  the line of the eyebrow.  The results were more like crazy bag  lady eyebrows than I would ever want to see on my face.  Attempt to work on my right eyebrow with my left hand  were, to use a technical term, ridonkulous.  The pencil kept getting tangled in the existing hairs and there were  clumps of pencil  and smeared lines.  I suspect that a brow buddy  who provided  an extra set of hands and eyes   might  produce  better results  but stencils  were not a  project to be done solo.

Next Steps in My Search for The Perfect Eyebrow

But wait, there are actually still three  more options  for  a better brow– serums like Rogaine and Latisse  that actually encourage hair growth, tinting  the eyebrows and  even  fake eyebrows applied  hair by hair.  Over the next six months I am going to try all three and share my  results. There are pros and cons to  all of them.  Coloring your brows  provides greater definition, but  doesn’t do much for the shape.  Fake brows, much like fake eyelashes, are expensive and last only three weeks.  Growth serums  work only on some areas of the brow line and take  weeks to show results but give you more to work with.  Stick with me and we’ll find the  best road to  beautiful brows.

2 thoughts on “Eyebrow Options Continue

  1. yes i tried the lash treatments and for me they have worked pretty well. some of my friends opt for the tattoos and they’re happy guess it’s better than not having any. Thanks for your info.

    • So glad to hear the lash treatments work. I’ve hears that tattoo results depend on the skill of the artist. I’ve seen some beautiful results in a Turkey where they actually inked I tiny hairs. Have you ever tinted your brows?

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