Its Fashion Flash Monday!

Fashion FlashThis week Diva Debbi is hosting Fashion Flash!  I love her Polyvore layouts  and  often check them out before going shopping.  It has saved me time and money  and  I  always feel   just right when  I wear a Diva Debbi inspired outfit. She   always helps me find new ways to wear  what   is already in my closet and  shows  what I really need to add. I’ve  made fewer mistakes  and enjoy getting dressed up  more  since I subscribed to Diva Debbi.

Fashion Flash Book Review: Brazilian SexyFashion Flash Book Review:  Brazilian Sexy by Janea Padilha

Brazilian women can be intimidatingly beautiful.  With a yard of  glossy dark hair,  lush eye brows  and smooth taut skin, they seem to  stride effortlessly thru life. How could I resist a beauty guide by the inventor of the Brazilian Wax.  Janea Padilha  is a Brazilian born esthetician    whose  townhouse salon  in NYC  is famous for their waxing and skin care.  But Brazilian Sexy is more than a book about skin care.  Its also about attitude,  food and relationships that is original and intriguing.

In this era of kale and quinoa, it is so nice to read about the beauty and health  benefits of  meat.  Brazil is  famous for their  beef  and  Janea  shows how  she serves   generous streaks surrounded with lightly cooked fresh vegetables and salads and ends a meal with fresh cut up fruits and bowls of nuts.  This menu is bursting with antioxidants and protein and packed with first rate nutrition.

In this  small book  Janea packs in a wide range of mind and body advice.  She also has  several chapters  on sex tips that are  practical and  romantic.  I found  her chapters on relationships especially insightful.  It is honest, direct and genuinely helpful for both single and married  women. She made so much sense that I  found it disconcerting that at the end of the  book  she  confided that her own  personal relationships  have not been all that successful.  Divorced after a  short  youthful marriage, she has spent  decades   waiting/looking for Mr Right.   Its a little discouraging that a beautiful, successful, confident women   can’t seem to find a fulfilling relationship.  Its kind of  like the Millionaire Matchmaker on TV  who is still single in her 50’s.  I think its a matter  of “do as I say, not do as I do”.






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