Matching Your Eyebrows to Your Hair Color

eyebrowsBefore the celebrity brow expert removed most of my eyebrows, he tried to convince me to  tint them.  He explained that much of my brow was made up of thin, pale hairs and tinting them would make my brows to look fuller.  This sounded reasonable but tinting is  big step– and not something you do the first time someone works on your brows.  Given that Mr  Eyebrows left me  with a thinly rounded circa 1930 brow line, I was really glad I had stood my ground. Darker thin brows would  have been even  more obvious and  unattractive.

But the experience pushed me to get some good answers to  related brow questions.  For example  what is the best color brow  with grey hair or should  your brows match your red hair?  All good questions and  all require  full scale tinting. Until I started  my eyebrow series  my knowledge  was limited to tweezing, waxing and  dying grey  brows.  I now realize  there  is much  more to learn:

* With  grey hair, virtually every expert I interviewed warned against matching  the brows to  the hair. They recommended  changing the grey to medium brown and that  calls for  tinting.  Pencils, powder and gels  would  just not  cover the grey.  Tinting lasts  2-3  weeks, as the eyebrow hairs naturally turn over.  To keep the color as long as  possible, avoid  oil based products like moisturizers around the brows.

* Natural  redheads often have  blond  or reddish blonde brows.  These  brows  will look beautiful  lightly enhanced with  a dark blond pencil or powder. If they turn white,  you will need to tint them to dark blonde. For red hair by design don’t match your  brows to your hair.  Go  a bit darker with a medium brown.  Be sure to avoid   eyebrow make-up or dye with auburn tones.

* Natural blondes can slightly darken pale brows either with  cosmetics  or  a tint.  Born again blondes or  brown hair with blonde highlights  look beautiful with dark blonde or light brown brows.  In other words  the brows should be one or two shades darker than the hair. Unless your brows are very grey, you can get this color with soft pencils, powders or gels.

* Naturally dark brown or black hair usually is accompanied by beautiful thick dark brows.  Its a perfect combination as it  is ( eg  any random Kardashian), but as time passes  natural hair color fades. If  you need to  start to cover grey, most experts recommend  that the brows need to be tinted  a shade or two lighter.

Next on Everything Eyebrows

I’m not really ready to pull the trigger and tint my brows.   I’m still trying to get the shape under control and tinting sounds so permanent especially  when the shape is   just not there yet.   My attmepts to draw in  a  stronger brow line were  pretty awful.  I’m going in another direction and I have made an appointment for eyebrow enhancement.  It  works  much like   eyelash extensions, with individual hairs applied to my skimpy brows.   Pictures to follow.

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  1. I’m a brunette but my eyebrows are almost black, always have been. And I add red to my hair, so there’s a clear difference between my hair color and my brows. I don’t mind though. I once tried going red for my brows as well and it just looked strange.

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