Its Fashion Flash Monday!

Fashion FlashThis week  MaryLou of Second Lives Club is hosting Fashion Flash.  Like so  many of  us , Mary Lou and her business partner Caryl Tuhey, wondered  what they should do in the second half of their lives.  They   decided to start Second Lives Club to feature women who made  big changes in their lives with great results.   It is so encouraging  to see  women blossom at a time of life when society  would have  us slowing down. If you want continuing  wisdom and inspiration, subscribe to Second Lives Club.

Fashion Flash Introduction:  Bobbi Palmer of Date Like A Grown-Up

I am so thrilled  to introduce  our newest  site Date Like A Grown-Up.  IMO it is  simply  the best relationship  site  I have found.   Founder Bobbi Palmer has  a  unique  insight into  what is going on  in a man’s  mind.  Her always entertaining and helpful  posts provide  invaluable  information  on  finding and maintaining loving  relationships.  Although I have been  married for decades, I have  many single friends and their tales  of the current dating  world leave  me laughing and crying.  I  have  found Date Like a Grown-Up to be a  invaluable resource  for single friends  looking for that special person.  But in addition, I have  found  her advice unfailingly helpful for understanding   all the men in my life from  my husband,  to co-workers  to son in laws.

She is totally supportive while she offers tough love in relationship dynamics.  Sometimes  she points out  where  we can sabotage  a relationship while in other situations  she explains how to navigate the “dude” brain. Start exploring Date Like A Grown-Up with her   free  Man–o-Meter test to discover your Grown-Up Dating IQ.  Bobbi offers  wonderful tools including  books and DVD’s  and is available  for private counseling. She has been featured  on Huffington Post, Today Show, NPR and Yahoo and I am  so happy that she is now part of  Fashion Flash.

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