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Fashion FlashThis week Pam of Over 50 Feeling 40 is hosting Fashion Flash. In a world where its  hard for  me to listen to the  news on TV ( its always  bad) ,  I click on  Over 50 Feeling 40 for a healthy  helping of positive  ideas and images.  As a fashion blogger, she has great over 40 style, but her words  go  far beyond fashion. She recharged her life and  she is dedicated  to helping others on their reinvention journey..  Subscribe to her site to keep informed about the best options  for  the second half of our lives.

Fashion Flash Book Review:  My New Roots by Sarah Britton

On paper is sounds so simple– eat 5-7 servings of fruits and vegetables a day for better health and  prettier skin.  But in my  kitchen  or in restaurants I find  the reality of a healthy diet endlessly challenging.  I can eat a giant green salad, a  slab of grilled fish that covers the entire dish  or  a plate of fruit the size of a manhole cover  and still feel unsatisfied.  After a big  healthy meal all I want  is a pair of chocolate chip cookies.   Too many   healthy recipes  don’t provide  the same  enjoyments  that you get from  a pile of french fries or  a hot, gooey slice of pizza. The  lean/geen   foods, may  be healthy for my body, but they  don’t meet my cravings for flavor and texture.

Enter My New Roots by Sarah Britton.  A holistic nutritionist  based in Denmark, she has “reinvented” vegan/vegetarian cuisne.  Bursting with flavor and texture  her recipes  like white bean fondue, raw cashew  nut cheese  or carmelized fennel on polenta   never leave me  craving  cookies.  My new favorite lunch is  her lentil salad   with olives served with  sliced avocodo and cucumber studded  yogurt.   If I have a few extra minutes, I love to make her hand pies with peas, scallions and feta.  She seasons her pumpkin butter with maple syrup and ginger and uses coconut oil as her  main fat.

My New Roots  is divided by season.  Currently I am  cooking from her spring and summer recipes.  With the first crop of new tomatoes, I  made  her  multi-colored tomato salad with pine nuts and mint served over a  bed of taboulah.   Looking ahead to fall I can’t wait to try  her cornmeal pancakes with gingered plum compote or a comforting bowl of hot red lentil onion soup on a cold day.  And I’ve  saved the best part for last–  her recipes are easy, affordable  and  quick.  Sarah is also  a successful blogger and  her site  ( My New Roots) has been featured in Oprah and Bon Appetit and she  has  spoken on  at TEDtalks.  She’s that good.

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