Even More Good News About Olive Oil

Olive oil  for the skinQuestion:  I know that olive oil is good for my heart.   Does it have any special benefits for  my skin? Does  it offer anti-aging protection?

Answer:   I am so  happy to be the first to tell you, yes and yes.  Olive  oil has unique value  both in  your diet and on your skin.   Like all fats, olive oil  form a  film on the surface of the skin that prevents water evaporation.his definetely helps the skin hydrate, reducing flaky  dryness.  But unlike other  oils   like mineral oil or corn  oil, olive oil contains powerful compounds that  offer additional value.

The Secret Weapons in Olive Oil

This pale gold  liquid is rich in a compound called squalene which is also a component of healthy skin.   Like ceramides and hyaluronic acid, squalene levels drop as we get older.  The squalene in  olive oil has been shown  to prevent UV damage to skin cells.  Studies have shown that it can reduce the development of dark spots, speed up repair of the skin  and is even effective against  a range of microorganisms including staph, e-coli and  listeria.  IRL this means that olive oil can prevent and treat skin infections.  Very nice.  Because  squalene can  protect against  UV damage,  it can  prevent loss of elastin and collagen fibers and reduce  appearance of  lines and wrinkles.

But wait, there’s more.  There are  well designed scientific studies that indicate  compounds in olive oil may prevent the development of skin cancers.   For example  researchers looked at another compound in olive  oil  called hydroxytyrosol, an even more  powerful antioxidant that squalene. Using   hairless mice exposed to UV rays,  the scientists found that  olive oil sharply reduced the appearance of melanoma,  the potentially fatal form of skin cancer.  In fact  melanoma is the leading  form of cancer deaths in women under 30.  And to think that a simple spray of olive oil  may help reduce risk of this  deadly cancer.  After a day in the  sun, take a shower and spray  your skin with a light coating  of olive oil.  Not only will it  hydrate the skin, the antioxidant compounds  will  help  block  cell damage.

One final piece of advice:  Remember that olive oil  has  properties of other oils.  If you have oily skin or a problem with acne, olive oil can clog pores and trigger breakouts. Rather than a  spray of olive oil, give you skin the benefits of antioxidants from green tea.  After a  wonderful day at the beach, make yourself a cup of green tea.   Drink half, and  when cool, spray the other half  of the green tea on your face and body.  So  simple and so effective.



3 thoughts on “Even More Good News About Olive Oil

  1. I cook every day with both olive oil and garlic…
    plus rub it into my skin then wipe off the residue….
    Just like the Romans before they went into the waters of the spa were rubbed down with olive oil then rather like a scraper used when grooming a horse the body was “scraped clean” before jumping in!!!

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