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Fashion FlashThis week, Barbara of Best of Everything After 50 is hosting Fashion Flash.  She is such a positive   image of  what  over 50  really  looks like– slim, active, happy   and always engaged in life.  Never didactic or preachy she offers always useful advice from the best way to “plank” to  the right way to enhance eyebrows.  And through her infectious enthusiasm  she  is the only person who  could get me to eat kale– and like it.  See her on the Today Show,   watch her AARP  Youube videos and read her articles in Huff Post.  Your body will thank you.

Fashion Flash Book Review: Paris Street StyleFashion Flash Book Review: Paris Street Style by  Isabelle Thomas

My always  chic MIL spent the last 20 years of  her life  trying to turn me into a faux french woman. ( you can read about my attempts to buy an iconic   french bra at  Better After 50).  And I am still trying to master the  seemingly effotless look of everyday style of the women walking so confidently along  the streets of Paris.

When I saw a copy of Paris  Street  Style in a trendy book store  in Chelsea Market,  I knew  I had to take it home  with me. It is a mix of drawings, photos, interviews with experts, do and don’t  tips and list ( I do love lists).  But when  I snuggled into my couch to  read it carefully, the book began to confuse me.  In page  after page there was nothing I   could  use to  crank up my  personal style. The fashion photos featured very tall, twenty something natural beauties who hd  been carefully styled by experts.  While  many shots  were taken on  Parisian streets, it did not make them “street style”.

Then there is the issue of age.  Even as a young girl, I had style envy of the always chic over 40 women like my MIL Fanny (  pronounced  Fan-Knee).  When you are  slim, young with yards of hair, its not  that hard to look great and feel strong.   When your year  count   starts to approach 50, it gets harder, a lot harder.    But that is exactly what  makes true French style  so timeless and  tempting– it actually gets better with age!  Sadly,  Paris Street Style doesn’t offer  this insight   and a big reason why this book  just didn’t work for me.

If you really want to learn the real secrets of true Parisian style pick up a copy of French Chic by Tish  Jett.   An American  style writer who  married a Parisian, she writes about French diet, beauty and style in her wonderful blog A Femme of a Certain Age. Her real life street photos show exactly  how its done.  For example, she recently  did a Polyvore to show  how a Parisian would accessorize a simple  black pants suit. On her advice, I switched out  my standard little black patent bag for a small  Chanel style red quilted number and added a black and red scarf– and it made all the difference.  That’s  the real secret of  French style, the  little “trucs” that bring it all together and at any age.



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