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Fashion FlashThis week Inka of Glamour Granny Travels  is hosting Fashion Flash for the first  time.  I am so excited about having  such a wonderful travel site in our group.  At our time in life,  travel  takes  on new  shapes and meaning and Inka   shows  us how  its done.  Whether its a ball in Monte Carlo or a sleeping   in a tent on a remote mountain, Inka  has been there, done that  and is  the perfect guide to travel after 50.  Check out her site  and subscribe to  Glamour Granny Travels to keep up with her adventures.

Fashion Flash Book Review: Getting ThereFashion Flash Book Review: Getting There by  Gillian Zoe Segal

Since becoming addicted to Shark Tank, I have been fascinated by the arc of a successful business.  Statistics show that 90% of new businesses fail in the first year and I have seen those  statistics  IRL in the lives of friends and family.  What is it that makes an aspiring entrepreneur actually beat the odds and succeed.

Getting There  by Gillian Segal  has compiled interviews with 30  men and women  who have been super successful in a wide range of  fields.   From Matthew  Weiner, creator of Mad Men to fitness guru  Jillian Michaels, this collection of unfiltered interviews yield a unique insight into the critical path of a spectacular career. In fields as diverse as hair care, gene mapping  and constitutional law these 30 super stars describe their obstacles, critical decisions and  what they learned along the way.

Rather than the all too familiar advice, eg work hard and  raise lots of other peoples money, Getting There offers personal   original  stories.  For example John Paul Mitchell has become an iconic  hair care line, yet the founder John Paul Dejoria was so broke  at times, he slept in his car.

The personal  stories  are a wonderful read but my favorite  part are the “pearls” t the end of each chapter.   For example Matthew Weiner recommends   making a special  effort to remember  peoples names.  I also loved his  idea that  ideas are worthless without  execution.    Billionaire  former NYC  mayor  Michael Bloomberg has a simple tool to win people over– use  “we” and “us”  rather than  “I” and “me”. Arguably the  most brilliant constitutional lawyer of his generation, David Boies, offers a stunningly simple piece of advice– patience.   Don’t  rush the process  and don’t give up.  So simple, so true.  IMO these short takes are alone worth the price of the book.

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