Its Fashion Flash Monday!

Fashion FlashJodell of Black Cat Plus is hosting Fashion Flash this week. Her campaign to  stop fat shameing  is  much needed and  her style advice is a game changer. Whenever I read Black Cat Plus, I wish it had been available for  my favorite aunt. My aunt  Mary was a smart, beautiful, and talented violinist  who struggled to find  appropriate gowns for concerts.  She was plus size in  time  when plus size fashion did not exist.  That was then, this is now.  Plus  size fashion IS fashion and  Jodell    provides  images that  prove   that  fashion has  no size limits.  In addition to great  advice, she  is a web based boutique that offersthe best options for all occasions. Recently she featured a  kimono top  that  is the PERFECT summer top.  I loved the peacock  pattern and colors so  much  that I pla n to buy  it  and save it for a September birthday present.  Its that beautiful!

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