Painless Hair Removal– Does It Really Exist?

Painless hair removalWhen I launched  No-Nonsense Beauty Blog, I started my  beauty treatments with a laser  to remove excess  facial hair.   It was almost my last beauty treatment.  It  hurt so  much  I nearly fell off the table as I squirmed around from the pain.  Even the quickly offered post treatment icebag  did little to help my red, burning chin.  I vowed that I would never, ever have laser hair removal again– even if I grew a full beard.

Well I guess I never should say  never.  When the  wizard of Park Avenue, aka  Dr Albert Lefkovits offered me a chance to try a truly pain-free  hair removal laser, I  couldn’t refuse.   Quite  simply  he is one of the finest physicians I have  met, and if he says LightSheer laser doesn’t hurt,  I was  willing to take the chance.

Before  Painless Hair RemovalWhile a series of  laser hair removal provides permanent results, five years ago I had stopped before the end of my treatments. Even so, for the past  five years, facial hair was no longer a problem.   However a  few post menopause hairs  have sprouted up  and a  pain free laser sounded  like a wonderful idea.

Painless Hair Removal in Action

I was surprised that the technician did not apply numbing  gel, but I was  still in.  When she brought  the LightSheer  laser handpiece close to my face I braced  myself  for the  pain that never came.  It really didn’t hurt! I felt  a  light pin pinprick, but it  was less  uncomfortable than almost any other beauty tool I have tried  so far.  Right after the treatment, my  skin was red  but felt fine. ( Did  I mention there  was no pain.). The former  facial hairs were now tiny  black stubs that  could be wiped off a with a washcloth.Red but painless  hair removal

Here’s how it works:  The LightSheer laser produces a beam of concentrated light that is absorbed  by the pigments in the  hair follicle.  This  heats  up both  the  hair shaft and root blocking  its ability to regrow.  This is pretty standard  for a  laser, but what makes Lightsheer  different is the addition of a vacuum technology, increased speed  and a cooling tip  to eliminate discomfort. It can  be used for hair removal anywhere on the body and I started to  dream about  permanently bikini line.  How amazing   would that  be?

Laser hiar removal final results

Smooth and perfect one week after new laser session

One final thought– Several sessions are always needed to ensure that permanent laser  hair removal is  truly permanent.  At any given time, the  hair  any where on the body  are in one of three stages of growth:  Anogen is the growth phase and when the  hair is  most vulnerable for destruction; catogen is a transitional  phase and telogen  is a resting phase.  When the hairs  are  in both the catogen and the telogen phase, they are not affected by  the laser.  ( Pay attention, there  will be a quiz later) . Hairs on the face  take a month to go thru all three phases, so to “nuke” all of them, you will need two more follow-up  treatments, two weeks apart to catch all the hairs in the anogen phase.




3 thoughts on “Painless Hair Removal– Does It Really Exist?

  1. Ya know, if it would really give PERFECT hair free results, with a 100% success rate I wouldn’t mind a little pain. Thing is the results are often just so and so, and I’m not willing to settle for almost perfect.

  2. Electrolysis is permanent. I can, as well as many others, attest to this.

    It causes a slight pinch, but once that hair is zapped, at the right cycle of growth, it is GONE FOR GOOD. Granted, there will be growth of a very few new hairs every now and then, but they too will gone with a clean up every few months.

    I wonder why this method is not discussed. Cost, if this method is done in small increments, is affordable.

    • Actually we did a post on electrolysis and explained why it’s the best choice for grey or white hairs. ( you can find it in the archives). However, the needle has to go in at exactly the right angle or the current won’t kill the root. Laser hair removal is much faster and does not need to be as accurate. However, lasers don’t work on light colored hairs, which means blonde, white or grey hairs are best removed by electrolysis.

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