It’s Fashion Flash Monday!

Fashion FlashMy favorite make-up guru, Cindy of  Prime Beauty is hosting Fashion Flash. Its amazing to watch Cindy  work evaluating  different products and asking penetrating questions.  She comes up with the just the right  product for every need and every skin profile.  Since I became a fan of Prime Beauty, I  look  better and spend less. Do yourself a favor and subscribe to her  smart, beautiful site.

Fashion FLash Book Review:  Tha Extra Half  InchFashion Flash Book Review:That Extra Half Ich by Victoria Beckham

I am rarely a fan of celebrity style guides but  I was  pleasantly surprised by the tone and  advice  of That Extra Half Inch.  Rather than a vain glorious  rant,  Victoria  Beckham   begins by confiding that  she  always felt very average– short with brown hair and eyes, she decided to be as gorgeous as she wanted to be.   She views style not  as a given, but  an exciting  and enjoyable journey.  Her advice  is that all too rare combination of practical and fabulous.

I love  her attention to detail and her   long section on how to buy jeans  is alone  worth the  price of the book.   I literally  brought the book  into the dresing room  to try out jeans.  And the result?  I finally got two pair of jeans that I never  want to take off.  While she is a  world class glamazon, she shares the same frustration  of jean  buying that  bugs the rest of  us.

I also loved her attention to  weather issues when  picking the perfect outfit.  Her sections packing for  both winter and summer vacations are so on target that  I copied them and  taped  it to the inside  lid of my suitcase. These past winters in NYC have been brutal and  there were days  when I  had to  wear  those clunky boots and lumpy  puffycoat  I thought  would need to borrow my neighbor’s Zoloft.  Ms Beckham explains how beautiful  gloves and an elegant bag can give polish to even the coldest days.

These days when so  many style  books  don’t  even  include a single line drawing,  That Extra Half An Inch is packed  with great phtos and illustrations. Now I   finally understand the difference between  skinny and straight cut  jeans and flared and boot cut. At my local Gap  I found myself explaining these details to  a very impressed sales  staff.  Thanks to the former  Posh Spice  girl, I’m now a jean ninja.

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