Aching Feet– Its Not Me, Its Choo

Aching FeetI found the secret of happy feet over fifty.  For the past decade  shopping for a new pair of shoes had become worse than shopping for a new bathing suit. Just about  every shape and style of shoes hurt my feet.  From those that hurt when I walked to those that hurt  just putting them on, shoe stores  just seemed to be filled with  pain.

I tried  geting  a larger size, which left me clomping around the store like a little girl in her mom’s  clothing.   ( cute as  age  six, not so much at sixty).  I tried stretching the shoes,  adding pads to big shoes and even priced out custom  shoes. When I tried out orthopedic shoes that hurt I was outraged.  If a shoe is really ugly, it should at lest me comfortable.

I went to three diffeent  foot doctors  who offered to   shave off  my bunions, fill up stiffened  joints and even  remove  my little toe to make  my foot  smaller.  My third and last  foot doctor, Dr Michael Schumacher of NYC was outraged at the thought of surgery just to wear pretty shoes– and I had to agree with him.

An Easy Answer to Hard Foot Problems

It was a  pair of mislabeled shoes that gave me that gave me the secret of both happy feet and a happy wallet.  I had selected a pair of  tan loafers, but  when I pulled up the lid, the shoes nestled in the paper  were  blue patent leather.  Not the neutral I was looking for.   Before sending the the exhaused salesman to look for yet another  pair of shoes that probably would not fit, I tried on the blue shoes” just for size”   They slid on like they were made for me.   The salesman was not surpprised”  They’re a wide width and you have wide feet”

It was like a lightbulb  had gone on in my head. I had worn a medium width my entire life, but like most women,  my feet  had spread out and become wider as the years passed.   I just did not realize it.  To test out my theory I tried on a pair of 2″ heels in a wide width.  They were perfect. For the first time in nearly a decade I could stand and walk comfortably in a pair of pretty slingback  pumps.

Where Are the Wide Width Shoes?

But it turns out that fewer than 10% of  women’s shoes are available in wide widths. This makes  no sense since there are over 70 million American women  over  age 50  many of whom  probably need wide shoes. Turns out that the “ideal foot”  for shoe designers and  manufaturers is the  aristocratic  slender foot- much the same way  designers create styles  for the tall thin  figure.  Most of us, especially after menopause have  the wider ”  “commoners”   foot.

High end designer shoes cater to the narrow, high arched shape– which explains why I barely stand up in my beloved Jimmy Choo leopard pumps.  I set out to find and test drive wide width shoes:

* Aerosoles have a large selection of wide shoes  many of which  also offer a cushioned footpad and sole.

* Trotters have lovely  pumps, slingbacks and loafers in wide widths.   My left  foot is actually smaller than my right  foot and I found that the adjustable straps on the slingbacks practically give me a custom fit.

* Talbots offer a small but appealing selection of wide widths in their shoe lines.  However  many do not offer much  padding either inside or out.

* Cole Haan is an upscale  manufacturer that offers beautiful leather and comfort styling.   They have a small selection of  wide width  shoes especially their 2″ Juliana  pump with extra padding.

I am sure there are  others.  Let me know  what wide width shoes you have discovered.

No-Nonsense Feet

The mission of No-Nonsense Beauty Blog is to take the  mystery out of nutrition,  skin and hair issues and find the most effective and affordable treatments. While most of our attention is  on face and hair,  foot and shoe problems have a big impact on  our appearance.  I believe that ugly shoes and aching feet  affect appearance as  much as breakouts and frizzy hair.   Its been a problem for me and I am so pleased to share a simple and non-surgical solution. Ten years of sore feet and   scary visits  to  foot doctors and  all I needed  was a wider shoe.




15 thoughts on “Aching Feet– Its Not Me, Its Choo

  1. I completely agree that shoe shopping has become more difficult than swimsuit or jeans shopping! Two other brands that offer wide widths are Clarks and Naturalizer.

    • Yes, I should have added jeans to my shopping misery list. And I plan to try Clarks and naturalizer this weekend. What ‘s your opinion of Easy Spirit?

  2. There are many other brands that offer stylish shoes for wider feet-Mephisto, the Flexx, Finn Comfort, Vionic, some Naot…granted, many of these are sandals, but some also have other styles.
    I got a very cute and very comfy pair of booties form Flexx.
    The key is a salesperson who actually knows shoes. Zappos offers pretty good info, and the reviews also help…and, returns are easy to make and free!
    If one must wear something that resembles a hell, try a kitten heel, or a wedge.
    No one should spend a dime to suffer!

    • Totally agree. A smart salesperson will recognize your foot issues and steer you toward shoes that will work.

  3. My issue is always that boots are never narrow enough for me around the ankle and calf, so I end up like a kid playing dress-up in her mother’s boots. And with pumps the balls of my feet and my large toes (which are very very large) always hurt like hell.

  4. I know this sounds ridiculous, but my best-looking AND most comfortable heels are from Payless! They have this line called Comfort Flex that makes stilettos feel like sneakers. Most importantly, the heels are not too chunky, so they don’t have that horrible matronly look that most other wide-width/”comfort” shoes have. I actually like these $15 heels better than the $595 Sergio Rossi pair!

      • Oops, sorry, I just double-checked the inside of my shoe and it’s actually called “Comfort Plus by Predictions” at Payless, not “Comfort Flex.” PS — thank you SO much for this blog! I stumbled upon it last night, and it’s the best beauty blog I’ve found!

  5. Hi Deb, I highly recommend Easy Spirit shoes – they have different lines of shoes, all of them are super-attractive from dressy to sporty that come in various width. I love them so much I have them sent to Italy (where I live) – yea the shipping costs as much as the shoe but it’s a small price to pay for shoes that look good and don’t hurt.

    I’m so over WASTING money on pretty shoes that hurt, or paying too much for ugly shoes!



    • I’m also an Easy a Spirit fan. I just have to make sure that I get thewidewidths. And I think it’s so cool that you get them sent to Italy which is famous for their beautiful shoes. I have never been able to find comfortable shoes in Italy. Some hurt so much, I could not even stand up in them.

  6. I have the opposite problem! My feet are so narrow I walk right out of medium width shoes. And the few stores that carry narrow width don’t have much to choose from. I have to order all my shoes online, but end up sending most of them back.
    It’s hard!! I’m like you – I just want cute shoes! That fit!

    • Try high end designer shoes. Their narrow is really narrow. I have a friend who has AAA narrow feet and thee work for her. With shoes its alwys something.

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