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Fashion Flash LogoFashion FLash host Mirabai of  Moving Free with Mirabai  not only can show you how to shape a better  figure, she is also IMO the go- to person to help with health  related exercise issues. For example when I developed  lower disk problems I was terrified  that  the wrong exercise  could make them worse  I went  straight to Mirabai  who showed me stretching and strengthening routines that  literally eliminaed pain.  Since I had genuine disk swelling, my doctors were  surprised at my recovery.  I just smiled and gave them  a link to Moving Free.   She has more than  six degrees and certifications and  I trust her with my  life. Literally.  Check out  her wonderful site and you will find an exercise program that will match your needs. Yes, she is that good.

Fashion Flash Book Review: Beautiful EyesFashion Flash Book Review: Beautiful Eyes by Rae Morris

Some people are eye-make-up junkies– there is no such  thing  as too many eyeliners or palettes of shadows.  I  have to admit I am an eyemake-up BOOK junkie. I keep  lookiing  for the  book that will  give me the skills to  create  looks  like Audrey Hepburn Doe Eye or  Kardashian Smokey Eye.   Each  book  gives  me a  few new bits of info, but I aways have more questions.  Beautiful Eyes by  Raw Morris   has  a bonanza of new  tips and techniques.

If you read No-Nonsense Beauty log regularly, you will remember that last spring I was obsessed with eyebrows– too thin, too arched,  too bushy– I wanted all the answers.  I came to  the conclusion that the different eyebrow shape options  did not make sense, and Beautiful Eyes validates  my observation.  With really  good line drawigs,  Ms Morris explains  why so  many shapes  don’t really work for anyone, and how to achieve the  universlly flattering brow.  Its exactly the  brow I was aiming for and now I have a better idea how to get there.

Beautiful Eyes also has a wonderful section on  eyelash extensions that clearly explains the options.  When  I  scanned the rows of lashes at  any beauty show,  it all looked like a blur to me.  Ms Morris brok down the different styles and  explained which opened up the eye, which added fullness and which added length.  Now I know what to ask for.

Finally Beautiful Eyes shares a smoky eye tip that has definately upped my game. Her trick?  Simply swipe medium brown shadow under the lower lids. This  one step provides a balance that other  instructions seemed to ignore.


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