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Fashion Flash LogoThis week Jodell of Black Cat Plus  is hosting Fashion Flash.   She is a leading  voice against  fat shaming, an online entrepreneur , and the proud parent of a beautiful award winning show cat.  And in her “spare” time she founded Black Cat Plus,  an amazing  plus size  fashion blog and e-store.

Fashion FLash Book ReviwqFashion Flash Book Review: Thrive by Arianna Huffington

There is no shortage  of books that promise to tell you how to have a  more successful happier life, but  when  the author is Arianna Huffington,   Thrive  got my attention.  But rather  than another  “you  can do  it” booster  book, Thrive is a guide to finding the balance between  life and work.   Where Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg urges women not  to be afraid of hard  work  and  career  committment,  Thrive  explores how to  be sucessful yet  have a healthy happy life.

What makes the book especially impressive  is the meticulous research  behind her observations and reccommendations.  Huffington offers litterally  hundreds of studies that explore  emotions,  attitudes and  career paths. For example  a study from Duke University found that poor sleep is associated with increase stress, heart disease and diabetes.  Other types of research found health benefits of pets of both  pets and volunteering.

The Five Keys of a Balanced Life

Whe I first started to  read Thrive, it seemed to be an alternative  to Lean In, but as  I dug deeper, I realized  that   it offered additional   and  important ways to balance ambition and well-being.  Ms Huffington covers  five  key areas– meditation, walking, sleep,  pets and giving.   I’m  a meditation drop-out and I was  so relieved to learn  that  good sleep habits and  volunteerism  are equally effective ways to  be both emotionally and physically healthy despite a  challenging career.  The book  is an easy to read blend of personal stories, research and genuinely helpful and practical advice.  This is the kind of book I will share with good friends  who share my passion for  interesting work. These  friends are my most important support system and I want them to enjoy a long, healthy life.




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