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Fashion Flash LogoThis week Inka of Glamour Granny Travels is hosting Fashion Travels.  There is no shortage of online travel information and  much of it is thinly disguised advertisements for  different services.  I’ve been  burned more than once by a hotel or resaurant that  has  had great recommendations, only to find it  dirty, ouy of the way or  just plain weird.  But when I found Glamour Granny travels, I found a source of honest information from a women with style, taste and intelligence.  Click on Glamour Granny Travels and  you will  quickly become a fan.

Fashion Flash Book Review: Audrey At Home by Luca Dotti

When I  first heard  about the Audrey Hepburn cookbook, I had to admit  I smirked a little.  This was a woman whose stick-like thinness suggested a diet of  celery leaves and ice cubes.  But as soon as  I thumbed through a few pages  I was  totally hooked.  More than just a cookbook, it is a  loving  memoir of a mother by her youngest son.  Audrey at Home is packed  with never before seen family photos showing the iconic star in the kitchen and relaxing with often famous friends.

The recipes are pretty wonderful too. Mostly Italian, with a smattering of Spanish and French meals, they are easy and light versions of classic  dishes.  Hepburn suffered serious health problems from the years of wartime starvation  that left her with digestive problems.  Her home recipes captured the flavor of  traditional  Italian and French  cuisine, but  produced with less fat and salt.  One of my favorites is the Spanish potato and egg tortilla. The usual  instructions are  literally swimming in olive  oil.  The version in At Home with Audrey  uses  just two tablespoons of oil  and  offers  great instructions for the best version of the dish I’ve  ever made. The same is true  for the classic Italian  rice stuffed baked tomato that is  often  an oily  mess.  Miss Audrey’s version  is made with  potato and rice and lightly seasoned with  garlic and parsley.  It includes a step that I’ve never seen before and I think  that little trick helped make the results  just about perfect.

If you love Audrey Hepburn style– and who doesn’t– the book is  packed with photos  of Hepburn on vacation showing  how to nail casual style.  One hint:  even  in jeans  and  tee shirt  her  hair was  perfect or  covered wth a  perky scarf. This  I can do.  A Home With Audrey is definately a keeper. ( and I am sorry  for the original smirk).


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