Its Fashion Flash Monday!

Fashion Flash LogoThis  week Barbara of Best of Everything After Fifty is hosting Fashion Flash.  She is such a wonderful image of  what a women over  50  loooks and sounds like!  I get so angry at commericals that feature  baby boomers  has dowdy, confused and screechy.  Barbara  is a living, breathing example of  a smart beautifull  boomer who has  great enthusiasm for living and a lifetime of experience to make the right choices.  Its doesn’t get better than that.

Fashion Flash BoutiqueComing  Soon– The Fashion Flash Boutique

There is certainly  no shortage of  fashion, health and beauty products sold online. There is a seemingly endless variety of anti-aging moisturizers, self-help books and vitamins.  And  that’s just the problem. There is  just too much stuff out there   making it difficult to find out exactly what you need at a price you want to pay.

All of the sites with Fashion Flash care passionately about  what they buy and use and will now sharing their favorite choices in the Fashion Flash Boutique.   This online store will offer what they feel is the best of  their kind,at the best price, from women who know what they are doing.

I am so proud of each and every item.  Mirabai of Moving Free is featuring bright blue water filled  hand weights.  Melanie of  Society Wellness  offers  just about the best  multi vitamin  I have ever used, while Jodell of Black Cat Plus  has  found the perfect black jacket that will  the go-to piece in any closet.  Yes, its that good. Bobbi of Date Like A Grown-up is presenting her “Bootcamp” set of counseling and study guides that are a unique guide to modern dating.

My first offerings from No-Nonsense Beauty Blog  include the best cleanser I have ever found.  It took me two years to find a source to  share with you and I believe that  it  will change  forever how you clean your  face. BTW its not  cream but a unqiue  tool for only $20.

Fashion Flash Boutique is the first online lifestyle store designed for the health and beauty need for women over 40.  I hope you will browse thru Fashion FLash Boutique to find   long sought products and discover new  tools and techniques.  And if you  have suggestions we would LOVE to hear them.   Getting older is  much more  fun when you do it with friends.

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