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Fashion Flash LogoThis week Melanie of Society Wellness is hosting Fashion Flash.  A former dancer and certified Yoga instructor, Melanie is my go- to source for nutritional advice.  Want to know the best   type of calcium supplements? Ask Melanie.  Nutritional value of gluten-free foods?  Ask Melanie.  Genuinely good recipe for fat-free  salad dressing?  Ask Melanie.  Yes, she is that good. She  drills down in every subject to sort  out  fact from fiction.  The result is a site with up to date always useful information that you can  trust.  I am so delighted that two of  her supplement picks  will be  featured in the soon to open Fashion Flash Boutique.

Fashion Flash Book ReviewFashion Flash Book Review:  Japanese Women Don’t Get Old or Fat by Naomi Moriyama

The statistics are impressive.  While  34% of adult Americans are obese,  just 3% of adults in Japan are obese.  Japan spends  less than half on health care costs than the US, yet the highest life expectancy in the world.  All this despite the fact 50% of Japanese men smoke!

The resaon for these enviable  health statistics has been linked  to their low fat diet that is rich in fish, rice, vegetalbe soy and fruit.  Japanese Women Don’t Get Fat or Old  turned these concepts into a unique health and diet  book.  The Tokeyo born author   shares  her recipes and menus that she  learned  in her mother’s kitchen. She grew up on the traditional Japanese diet and then went to college in the US– where she  promptly gained 25 pounds eating the  high fat, high sugar, low fiber American diet.  Despite  daily exercise, the pounds stayed on until she returned home to visit her parents.  In  a few months the  extra pounds melted away, just by returning  to her Japanese eating pattern.

I love  books that provide  in depth detail and  Japanese Women Don’t Get Fat or Old definately delivers.  She explains how to select the right ingredients, the cooking and serving pieces for portion size and  presentation and  the hows and whys of every recipe.  According to  Moriyama, many  Japanese recipes start with  Dashi broth made from  Kombu seaweed and dried fish flakes.  She gives an easy recipe but  I have to admit I cheated and used commercial  dried Dashi powder for  her bowl of raman noodles with  shrimp.  It was, in a word, perfect.  Her recipe for salad dressing that includes rice vinegar, red onion and sesame oil is  well worth the price of the book.

Despite  positive  health statistics,  most  public health experts   believe that the standard  Japanese diet is too high in sodium.  Moriyama agrees and she avoids  or limits high sodium ingredients like miso, salt fish and  pickled vegetables.   She also points  out that most of the food in Japanese restaurants is   more like  party food.  Her recipes are the true home recipes.  Japanese Women Don’t  Get Fat or Old is definately worth a spot on my cookbook shelves.


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