Goat’s Milk for Health and Beauty

Goats  Milk Question:  I’ve  been hearing a lot of buzz about goat’s milk.  People are saying  its easier to digest and goat’s milk soap is better  for your skin.  Since its more expensive than regular  milk and regular soap, do you think its worth it?

Answer: Goat’s milk is packed with benefits. It has more calcium, vitamin C, vitamin A and potassium than cow’s milk.  Due to the high fatty acid content, goats milk is easier to digest.  In fact 50% of people that are lactose intolorant are able to drink goats milk.

Goats Milk and Your Skin

Goats milk contains twice  as much caprylic  acid as cow’s milk.  This fatty acid is also found in coconut oil and one of the reasons  for thecoconuts  health and beauty benefits.   Goats milk has a ph level that is just what the  skin needs to be soft and comfortable.  Traditional soap has an alkaline ph that can leave the skin  tight and irritated.  If your skin is dry, an alkaline soap makes your skin irrtated and flaky.  If your skin is  oily, alkaline soap makes oil glands work overtime to restore a healthy acid mantle.  This increased oil can lead to coase texture, large pores and even breakouts.For   maximum benefits, look for  goats milk made from natural organic ingredients.  It would be a shame to mess up the ph and nutrient values of  perfectly good goats milk.

DIY Goats Milk  Skin Care

The beauty benefits of goats milk  doesn’t  need to stop at soap.  You can add goats milk to your diet and  make  wonderful scrubs and masks with fresh, powdered or  canned  goats milk. For example, add goats milk in your fruit smoothies. My favorite is a mix of bannas, almond milk and goats milk.  Leave a few tablespoons of the smoothie and mix it  with ground  oatmeal  for a world class mask.  If you what  a  mild  yet effective exfoliator treatment, mix those lasts sips of  a goats milk smoothie with  rice powder.  Massage it on the skin and rinse off with luke warm water.  Perfect for an end of the summer facial.

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