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The week  Pam of Over 50 Feeling 40 is hosting  Fashion FLash.  Pam is one of my heros.  One day  she  took a long hard  look at herself and decided it  was time  for a makeover.  Not  just  her phyysical  self, but  a reboot of her work, attitude and approach to life.  The result?  A vibrant, beautiful  woman  who looks forward to a new career and new friends.


Fashion Flash BoutiqueFashion Flash Boutique  Is Open

I am so excoted to anounce that Fashion Flash Boutique is opend for business! It has a permanent home in a tab at the top of every page of No-Nonsense Beauty Blog.  It will be a carefully selected collection of fashion,health and beauty items that reflect who we are and what we need.   You won’t find leopard patterend bikinis, breast pumps  or denture cleansers.  What you will find are affordable items that reflect our  wide range of interests and activities.  Quite simply we want our second fifty years to be even better than the first fifty.

Over Forty Bloggers with Style and Taste

There is certainly no shortage of beauty and fashion items sold online.  What makes Fashion Flash  Boutique unique, is that evey  skin care item, every piece of clothing, every supplement  is choosen  to  meet our needs.   For example, our fitness equipment  and programs  are designed for the  women  who has decided to finally get  back into shape.   Our supplements  meet the needs of a  women who needs to strengthen  her bones and protect her heart.  And I spent two years  looking for a source of a unique  cleansing cloth that  has changed forever how I wash my face. Using  just  warm water, this  microfiber cloth manages to take off all my make-up, prevent breakouts and avoid dulling dryness.  Yes, its that good.

What Are You Looking For?

We are starting with  just a few sites and a few items. Each month  we will be adding new  sites with new, carefully choosen products.  Some will be our core Fashion Flash Bloggers  while others will be other over 40 bloggers who want to share their newest finds.  We know that fashion is never limited by age  or size.  We will soon be offering   perfect silk jackets that are the  ideal “third piece” for all seasons,  Coming soon will be the perfect travel bags, the  best online courses for new skills and books that supply both wisdom and humor. I discovered through interviews with  foot specialists,  that most women over 50 develop wide  feet, yet 10% of shoes  offer  this  size.  I’ve now located  great sources of  beautiful, wider shoes that I can’t wait to share with you.

And  most of all we want to hear from you.  What are  you looking for? I spent weeks trying  to find an expert to repair  two old dolls that belonged to my mom.  My  roommate needed to find a wedding dress for  a woman over 50   while a reader asked me  for  a foot spray  small enough to slip into an eveing bag.  We love the hunt  and found  them all. Let us  know what you need to  be fabulous  at any age.

One  more  thought:  At Fashion Flash Boutique, all shipping is on us.




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