It’s Fashion Flash Monday!

fashion flash logoThis week Josephine of Chic At Any Age is hosting Fashion Flash! Josephine  splits  her time between St Tropez and London and combines  both  vibes into an elegant, European style.  In the summer  I love to copy  her flowing tunics and pants.  In  cold, wet weather he manages to look both  chic and stay warm. Best of all she picks such classic styles and colors that I  can find equivalents in  local US stores.   Her silvery gray  bob    and sparkling blur eyes  show that  true style is  just simply ageless.

Fashion FLash at Fashion WeekFashion Flash at Fashion Week

New York City in the midst of Fashion Week and  its totally chaotic.  It is no longer at Lincoln  Center but scattered  all over   the westside  of Manhattan. The group that  owned Fashion Week  sold it to an entertainment and sports group with  little to  no background in fashion.  Its been a bit ragged especially with the worst traffic  I have ever seen– and I  am a born and bred New Yorker.  As one fashionista put it ” I’ve spent most of Fashion Week in the backseat of a taxi.”   Deb Boland  of Fabulous After 40 and I  went to shows, hung  out backstage,  had mini- makeovers, and  studied  how to  be  over 40 at Fashion Week.  Its definately challenging.  So  many of the  people are in their their twenties.  They l ook fantasitc in ripped jeans,  combat  boots and a grey  tee shirt. On the other hand I would look like I was cleaning out the garage. At one of the shows we ran into a 40+ blogger  who was beautifully dressed in a wrap dress and suede heels who said  ” I look like   everyones mother”     Deb Boland  and I  are  going to post together in the next few days  sorting out our thoughts.  We’re  going to share the  new ideas on the runways, translate them into wearable clothes and even  give you some fashion guidelines  when you  plan a trip to this bi-annual event.

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