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fashion flash logoI’m hosting Fashion Flash this week and I am so excited that fall is  just a few days away.  This week I realized that I was bored with my summer  clothes and looking forward to  “sweater weather”.  This week the Fashion Flash bloggers are also  feeling  the changes in the seasons:

*  After a  long hot summer, our hair needs a little extra help.  See the fabulous results that Prime Beauty got for her thinning hair from Visiscal Extra Strength Hair Growth Supplements– and enter to win a lifetime supply.

* Josephine of Chic At Any Age has the inside track on packing for an autumn trip to London.

* Fashion blogger Pam Lutell  of Over 50 Feeling 40 shows us five chic ways to transition our wardrobe into fall.  Join her on Midlife Boulevard

* When doctors say “get some exercise” they usually follow it with “Get out and walk”. September is the perfect time for a long walk and Certified Health Coach Mirabai Holland of Moving Free with Mirabai shows you how to turn your autumn stroll into healthy exercise.

* Barbara Hannah Grufferman, of Best of Everything After 50 and AARP contributor thiks sit-up are so last century to get rid of  belly  fat and strengthen  your core.  Here is her secret to whittle that waist fast!

* Grey is a color being touted and worn this fall.  But MaryLou of Second Lives Club asks “”does that mean our hair too?   Does she or doesn’t she?  Stop and  read this first!

* Ever wonder what to look for when buying coconut oil?  Melanie of Society Wellness gives us the run down on terms and definitions that you  need to know.

* Women change their  hair color 36 times  in their lifetime!  Jackie Silver from Aging Backwards asks ” Are you going to go darker for fall? Here are some expert hair coloring tips.

* Jodell of Black Cat Plus celebrates Lane Bryant  fall fashion campaign  that demands equal rights for plus size women.

Fashion FLash at Fashion WeekFashion Flash at Fashion Week

The last dazzling  model has strutted down the runway  and the pink glamour vans are  no longer snaking thru gridlocked NYC traffic.   Fashion Week is officially over and  we are  asking ” what does this all mean” when we go to the closet to get dressed in the morning?

The seemingly unwearable, wildly expensive fashion seemed to be   irrelevant  for most  women– and when you are over 50 or more than size  6, more like  costumes for next  Hunger Games  movie. But Fashion Week is is not so much about the actual outfits, but the ideas and inspirations they offer.  Only a handful of women will actually ever wear the runway  styles.  But many of the designs offer great ideas to give our look a lift.

There were at least six  trends from the runway  which can easily refresh an over 40 wardrobe:

* Ponchos

* Kimono-style coats

* Flats and sneakers

*Shirtwaist style dresses

*Blue and white color combos

* Color of the year is YELLOW

Nothing  too scary here.  Short or tall, slim or not, these  are ideas for every age and occasion.  For example, if yellow is not your color,  how about a bright  yellow  leather tote bag or  shiny flats.  How easy is that?

Keep in mind that these ideas  are for spring fashions.  What we are now seeing in stores and magazines reflect ideas drawn from Fashion Week held last  spring.  It is  confusing because each spring  and fall there are two sets of ideas and recommendations.  One set is from the current runway shows and the other is for the  clothing that is actually in stores.

Coming up  soon, will be examples  of the runway looks from last spring that are now in fall clothes available online and in stores.

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