Spa Week is Back!

Spa Week treatmentsSpa Week  is  coming!  For some people, autumn means  changing  leaves, back to school clothes  or footbal games.  For me,  fall means  Spa Week is   just around the corner.   This year  its October 12-18  and its a chance to get effective but  usually   pricey treatments at  just $50.

All through the year I write about great skin care options, but  sometimes I feel a bit guilty about   the price of  many of these treatments.  But during Spa Week prices are slashed in the most popular spas across the country.  For example, one of my top five  beauty treatments is the Hydrafacial that  is normally  about $150.   It is a combination of microdermabrasion,  glycolic peel and  oxygen infusion.  It creates a yourthful, healthy glow that lasts for days.  If you have a bigg event coming up, this  should be your go-to facial.  And during Spa Week its just $50.

Another fav is the  glycolic peel.  In New York City  this too can be $100-$150. Not only does  it take off the top layer of dead, dry skin cells, it stimulates the growth of healthy new cells. All this at  just the cost of a department store moisturizer.

The beauty options are not   limited to skin care.   Some spas offer  tooth whitening while others have a stress reducing list of  different types of massage.  Spa Week is also the time to try out  new things  that have been on my beauty  wish list. This year  I am getting  lash extensions.  Normally  up to $200, I am  getting the hour  long treatment for  just $50.

How to Participate in Spa Week

To find the participating spas in your area  go to  SIgn up with  your name and address and  you will be able to locate the spas in your area.  They  will list their  spa week menu  and help you book an appointment.  I suggest booking early since the number of slots are  limited and beauty junkies like me  have the dates of Spa Week in their calendars.  When the online  booking opens up  they  jump in to get their beauty fix.

One final thought.   A portion of the proceeds  from Spa Week  are donated  to Cancerand Spa Week  not only makes you look good,  it does  good  too.


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