Its Fashion Flash Monday!

fashion flash logoThis week Jackie of Aging Backwards is hosting Fashion Flash!  When I  first met Jackie I have to admit that I  was a  bit miffed that  such a youg women   was offering anti-aging advice.  But when I  found out that she  was in the 50’s, my  attitude changed to ” I’ll  have what she is having”.  Jackie  explores  the entire range of anti-aging tools and techniques–  diet, exercise, healthcre, nutrition, hormones and of course skin care.  Jackie taught  me how to  bake read rom scratch and taught  me  the miracles of coconut oil.And  It was Jackie  who introduced  me to the microfiber mini clothes that  I now offer in  the Fashion Flash Boutique.

Fashion FLash Boutique mini wipesFashion Flash Boutique: Questions and Answers

I have  been overwhelmed  by the interest  in   the No-Nonsense Wipes on my site in Fashion Flash Boutique.  In additions to a flood of  orders, I have received a number of great questions:

Question 1.  Can I use my acne cleanser with No-Nonsense wipes?  If you have especially oily skin or are troubled by constant breakouts, you can use a bit of acne cleanser on a damp No-Nonsense  wipe.  Just be careful to rinse them out throughly.

Question 2. Can I use scrubbing grains with  No-Nonsense wipes?  Adding a scrub can produce more exfoliation than most skins  can handle.  If you still want to use them, alternate cleansing with grains one night and No-Nonsense wipes the next night.

Question 3.  Can men use No-Nonsense wipes?  They are great  for  men!  By exfoliating dry skin and removing stale oil, they lower the chance of ingrown hairs.  No-Nonsense wipes makes shaving easier with  less chance of irritation.

Question 4.  Can I reuse  the mini wipes?  Absolutely.  In fact  that’s one of the great enefits of No-Nonsense Mini wipes.  Unlike disposable wipes  which clog up waterways and add to pollution, No-Nonsense wipes  can be used  over and over.  After  2  days, dry them out and  toss in little  mesh laundry bag that I have icluded in the package.  On laundry day,  just pop the  bag  into the washing  machine and toss them into the dryer.

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