Eczema– New Approach to an Old Problem

Eczema triggersMany people with eczema  have allergies or  have a family history of asthma  or  hay fever. Studies  have shown that up to 80% of children with eczem will go  to have asthma or  hey efver as adults. Given the role of allergies and inflammation in eczema there  are four  types of triggers:

1. Products that you use on the skin including detergents, buble bath, disinfectants and shampoos

2. Weather including hot weather, both low and high humidity and even getting over heated  from exercise

3.  Allergies including pollen, mold, dust mites  and foods like eggs, wheat and  nuts

4. Emotional and physical stress have been shown to trigger eczema outbreaks.  There have  alot of theories, but research points  to the activation of inflammatory chemicals in the body.

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Its Fashion Flash Monday!

fashion flash logoI am thrilled to be  hosting Fashion Flash!  In October, there are so  many landmarks.  Its Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Diabetes Awareness Month and Eczema Awareness Month as well as Columbus Day and Halloween.  Like  all good  publications  our interests reflect our current isues and events:


*Melanie of Society Wellness has a recipe for  winter squash soup with pumpkin seeds that will rock your world

* Josephine of Chic  At Any Age loves that autumn is the season of soft russets and vibrant reds.  Our thoughts turn to keeping warm and making pumpkin soup. Hers is how to incorporate a flattering red sweater into your wardrobe.

*Pam of Over 50 Feeling 40  shows  us how to wear fall in soft colors

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Could Your Dry Skin Be Due To Diabetes?

diabetes monthOctober is National Diabetes Awareness Month — a disease that affects an estimated  30 million Americans. Its pretty  well known that the high sugar levels of diabetes  has been linked to heart disease, strokes and blindness.  What is less well known is the impact of diabetes on the skin.

Elevated blood sugar affects  every organ so the body tries to flush out the sugar in urine and perspiration. This dehydrates the skin leading to  cracking and peeling.  This severely dehydrated skin becomes rough, thin and flaky.  It damages the outer layer of the skin so severely that  it no longer can act as a barrier aginst dirt and bacteria.  Not only does  it increase  chance of infections  diabetes makes  it harder for the body to fight infections.

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Its Fashion Flash Monday!

fashion flash logoThis week Barbara of Best of Everything After 50, one of the best friends a boomer has.  Not only does she   offer great advice and  videos, she does it with  addictive  joy and style.   Getting older often isn’t  easy  but Barbara  makes it look appealing and fun.   Subscribe today  so you won’t miss a single post.

Fashion Flash Book ReviewFashion Flash Book Review: : Packing for Travel by Karen Klopp

What 2 Wear is one of my go-to fashion sites.  In all the chatter about trends, pants shapes and bags of the year, What2WearWhere puts it all together in outfits for all occasions.  In both personal … Continue Reading…

Beauty Powers of Pumpkins

pumpkins for health and beautyIt’s that time of year when  pumpkins and apples are  stacked  high on  roadside  farm stands and cinnamon  drenched desserts are  on every menu.  Turns out that  all these three iconic symols of autumn are packed with health and beauty benefits.

Pumpkin– Inside and Out

One cup of cooked pumpkin  has three grams of fiber, zero cholesterol and sodium, 100% of vitamin A and 20% of vitamin C, and 10% of potassium, copper, manganese, riboflavin, niacin and vitamin B6– and all for just 50 calories.

Most of the pumpkin we eat in the US comes from cans.  It retains most of its nutritional payload  and is  much easier to use.  Just make  sure that you  purchase  plain canned pumpkin  not canned pumpkin pie filling which … Continue Reading…

Its Fashion Flash Monday!

fashion flash logoI’m so happy to be  hosting Fashion Flash this beautiful fall  and  I spent  a happy weekend reading the links  sent in  by the Fashion Flash bloggers.  This week:

* Its  Breast Cancer Awareness Month and Lifestyle blogger, Pamela Lutrell of Over 50 Feeling  40, sat down with talk  to two  young women  whose mothers  have breast cancer.. here is their must read discussion.

* Josephine of Chic At Any Age  has an  answer to those special occasion clothes that  languish  in your closet.

*Cindy of Prime Beauty  loves sophisticated frangrances.  Her newest addiction is Vera Wang Embrace Trio.  Read her review of all three scents and enter to win a set of your own.

* Melanie of Society Wellness  wants to introduce … Continue Reading…

What Can Feverfew Do For My Skin?

Feverfew flowersQuestion: My Nana used  feverfew for  her headaches. Now I see it in cleansers and moisturizers.  I know it helps migraines but what does it do for the skin?  In other  words is it hope or  hype?

Answer:  My aunt was also a big fan of feverfew.  She took it  for every type of pain and  never left  home without a bottle of feverfew rattling around  her big purse.

The Good ( and  Bad) News about Feverfew

Feverfew is a flower  in the sunflower family.  It looks a lot  like daisies and is found in Europe and North America. It has been shown to be both  anti-inflammatory and anti-bacteria and can be helpful  to reduce redness of both acne and rosacea.  When added to a sunscreen, it can reduce redness … Continue Reading…

Its Fashion Flash Monday!

fashion flash logoThis week Marylou of Second Lives Club is hosting Fashion Flash.   We are  the generation  that is redefining the second  half of  our lives and most of the time we make it up as we go along. Its not an easy path, but Second Lives Club profiles  everyday heros for a real time road  map. In the past few weeks Second Lives Club  has featured a lawyer turned travel writer,  a scientist who became a textile designer and a publishing executive  who is now runs a woman’s fitness franchise. Reading their journeys is aways inspiring and empowering.  Its one thing to dream of  a new life… its  invauable to read about women  who actually  reinvented their lives and  themselves.

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