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fashion flash logoThis week Marylou of Second Lives Club is hosting Fashion Flash.   We are  the generation  that is redefining the second  half of  our lives and most of the time we make it up as we go along. Its not an easy path, but Second Lives Club profiles  everyday heros for a real time road  map. In the past few weeks Second Lives Club  has featured a lawyer turned travel writer,  a scientist who became a textile designer and a publishing executive  who is now runs a woman’s fitness franchise. Reading their journeys is aways inspiring and empowering.  Its one thing to dream of  a new life… its  invauable to read about women  who actually  reinvented their lives and  themselves.

Fashion Flash Book Review: Ultimate Guide to StyleFashion Flash Book Review: Your Ultimate Guide to Style

I admit I am a fashion guide  junkie.  I keep hoping that the next book will  help me  look great for every occasion  without making expensive shopping mistakes.  Too  many of these  books  are  just a collection of  celebrity photos  posing as  fashion advice.  Although Your Ultimate Style Guide   was written by the editors of People Style Watch,  it contains  well thought out fashion advice.  Rather than telling  us what we should wear, the book   starts with a quiz to identify   your own style and then offers   great options  to get  the look you want.  There are five styles– classic, chic, feminine, glam  and cool. My  style  was  “Classic”  and  I loved all the  looks in this category.  I had all the  classic basics, but this book showed  me how to put them together in the right  proportions  and colors. I  got more than a dozen great  new outfits without spending a dime.

One of  my biggest complaints about style  guides  is that  they ignore the impact of weather on fashion.  In  Your Ultimate Guide to style, they offer six differnt ideas for each season.  Now that’s what I am talking about. For example,  hanging in my closet is a beige  wool poncho that I bought on a whim in London.  Bck at home, it made  me feel like a dumpy aging  hippie.  But in Your  Ultimate Style Guide  offered   photo of Olivia Palermo topping a denim shirt and jeans with a beige poncho and carrying a  large, elegant black and beige  bag and black  flats.  Its a perfect fall  look and  exctly what I am wearing  on this beautiful  fall day.


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